I am an advocate for showing up in our lives and I love when people are comfortable just being themselves. I don’t believe we should hide who we are, I believe if we hide behind a mask, or pretend to be something we are not then we miss out on learning the best about ourselves, and close ourselves off to amazing life experiences.

It is not always easy to show our true selves to people, I am the first to admit that I spent most of my life avoiding showing people the ‘real me’. I lacked confidence in who I was, I never felt interesting enough, or like I had anything to say that anyone would want to hear. (Funny now I have a blog, and believe me I was shocked when people actually started reading it!) I always felt that other than my looks I was somehow empty. I honestly thought that my opinions and interests where not worth talking about.

The thing is we are all so much more alike than we realise, we all have insecurities, and we can all have ‘bad’ days, ‘psycho‘ days, ‘sad‘ days, and ‘not want to face the world‘ kind of days. It’s OK to admit that!

It is easy to compare ourselves to others who seem smarter, more interesting, funnier and more outgoing than what we believe we are, but the truth is we have just as much to offer as they do, and also they have just as many bad days, or insecure days as us. It can be hard to admit when we are struggling, and it can be made harder when others are pretending that they have it all together. It really can leave us feeling alone.

Sometimes it takes one person to say ‘I am struggling with the kids today‘, ‘I need help’, or ‘my boss is driving me crazy‘, to realise we all go through the same crap. Just like some days are amazing, or unexpectedly hilarious!  If things get too much, it is OK to put your hand up and say “I need help!’ You will find that the more honest you can be, that others will begin to open up also.

The important thing is that we don’t hide away who we are, or how we feel. You can not hide from real life and you have to keep showing up! There will be days where staying hidden in bed, or not leaving the house can be tempting, but these are often the days that we need more than ever to not be alone. It is OK to have bad days, but often getting fresh air, or being around other people can really lift your spirits. If you are feeling a little flat, pop on your favourite top, play some great music, apply some lippy and get some fresh air. Talk to friends, be open and honest with them, don’t be afraid to show the real you. This is your life, when you feel like giving up, trying showing up instead.

You are not alone.

Thanks for reading, love Mac

If you are struggling with believing in yourself talk to a friend, or loved one. Alternatively talk to your GP, or google local support groups for anxiety, or depression in your area. You may also find these tips helpful  Click HERE.

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