“Our power lies in our small daily choices. One after another, to create eternal ripples of a life well lived.”

-Mollie Marti

I hope you have taken a moment to read the quote above, not just skimmed over it, but really stopped and focused on the words. Does it speak to you?

We often feel we live in a world where we are powerless. We watch things happening around us, and decisions being made that affect us and our children, and yet they are being made for us by people of power who can seem like the last thing on their mind is the good of us individuals. We watch news stories unfold, we see homelessness on our streets, and guns in the hands of mass murders, and we can be left feeling small and helpless.

I recently shared a post, you may or may not have seen it, titled Bad News, which highlighted how the media portrays news, and also ways we can learn to cope with our anxiety over these events. One of the tips I mentioned was about taking back your power, and how you can do small things everyday, or every week that help you feel more connected with the world and feel like you are making a positive difference!

We need to take back our power, we need to make a positive difference. In Mollie Marti’s quote she touches on the ripple effect, and I couldn’t agree more. The more good we do, kindness we show, we will create a ripple effect across the world. We can feel so small in the scheme of all the people in the world, but the more people who you smile at today, be kind to today, say thank you to today, or pay a genuine compliment to, the more they will pass it on to others too.

Today I want you to walk away from to post and remember you are more powerful than you know. Ask yourself what you can do today to make someone else feel happy? What can you do to send a positive ripple through the world today?

Here are just a few suggestions.

  • text someone and let them know you are thinking about them.
  • offer your seat to someone on public transport.
  • smile as you pass someone in the street.
  • visit the elderly, give them your time. 
  • compliment someone on something they did well.
  • hug your child, or a friend.
  • send a friend flowers just because.
  • write down five reasons you love your partner and leave them a note under their pillow. This would work for your child too.
  • donate goods, or money to a worthy cause.
  • pray for someone.
  • forgive someone you have had trouble forgiving.
  • let someone go in front of you in a queue.
  • make a cake and give it to your neighbour. 
  • send someone a funny emoji or smilie face.

I believe to live a ‘life well lived‘ we need to live with good intentions toward ourselves and others, we need to search inside ourselves and realise the person we truly want to be. If we live with power, with self belief, with showing kindness to ourselves and others, we will create a better world to live in, and we will truly live life well! What do you believe?

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel powerless.

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