Snowflakes fascinate me, like so many before me I wonder how something so delicate as lace spun by the breeze, can form and yet fade so quickly. I long to touch a single flake, a tiny piece of heavens lace, perfectly formed and from the skies, like a drop of purity, like a diamond in the light. Nothing is purer than the freshness of snow, like a gift from above, to us down below. If I could hold you I would, and wrap you with care, but if I close my palm around you, when I open it would you still be there?

There is one thing I know as pure as snow, a newly formed baby, which inside me would grow, I longed to hold her, to wrap her with care, to sing to her softly, to stroke her sweet hair. To touch her soft skin, to whisper the words, of how I would love her like heaven loves earth. A gift of purity from the heavens above, oh how I love her, I am consumed with that love. Like you she faded when she touched my palm, I couldn’t hold on, no matter how hard I tried, she was ripped from my body, and with her my soul died.

Made of the breath of heaven, you dance around the trees, a drop of innocence, floating in the breeze. In the light you shine, like a gem or pure gold, you are priceless, perfect and truly divine. You are are hope, faith, you are a promise of new life, you are precious, and perfect, you are all that is right. Like a moment of poetry floating in air, you were all I ever wished for, a snowflake held in my palm, you were my everything I wished for and I was your mum.

So dance my sweet snowflake, and sing in the breeze, you are a divine expression of all that is pure, let heavens light shine on all that you are, and know that I am loving you from afar. Dance and be free, feel no grief where you are, for you are my snowflake, a free falling star.

Mackenzie Glanville