Social media often gets a bad rap, and often I agree. There are many downfalls to social media, and I was certainly a ‘late comer’ to it. In fact I only really joined social media when I started my blog two and half years ago. I didn’t want to be on Facebook, and hadn’t even heard of Twitter, or Instagram at that point.

Despite my reservations though, since I joined social media I haven’t actually come across anything personally to me that has been too negative. I think being an adult I am pretty comfortable with knowing what I am happy posting, and knowing the difference between things I keep as private, and the things I am happy to publicly share. Having a thirteen year old daughter obviously I see social media for her as very different. She may be an ‘A’ student and have great personal values, but still when it comes to the dangers out their I don’t believe a thirteen year old can be responsible enough to go unmonitored on social media. I trust my daughter has amazing judgment, but still she is naive to how sinister some people are in our world, and I would hate for her to find out the hard way that not everyone is who they pretend to be.

It is probably one of the biggest negatives to social media, that it allows people to easily pretend they are someone they are clearly not in the real world. It is so unfortunate that this is the case, but it is. Still, I know I can not wrap my daughter in cotton wool, and the truth is even if I could I would be raising her to be a naive and insecure adult who is afraid of everyone, and everything, and that would be doing her no favours! It is a balance between letting them grow up too quickly, and also at the same time not tuning them into an anxious adult.

No one ever said parenting is easy! Did they? And if they did, don’t believe them!

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Social media of course has some amazing benefits, it makes life easier in may ways. I can keep in touch with friends and family who have moved overseas or across the country, and see what they are up to, and photos of their kids. If I have a question about something happening with the kids school I can easily jump on our school mums group and ask lots of other mums for their advice. And even for our children it can be a great way to message each other after school and keep in touch on holidays. It helps to keep them feeling connected and that is important to them, (whether I like it or not).

If you are a regular to my blog you may recall “my post asking if I am an uncool mum“! I asked you for advice on should I allow my daughter to have her own phone. I received so many great opinions, and have found it really helpful so thank you! My daughter still does not have a phone, but I am sure it in next 6 months I may warm to the idea. But I have bended on my no ‘snap chat’ rule. I sat her down when her friends were over one day and we had a group chat about it, they walked me through how it all works, and were even happy to show me their  accounts, and then helped Aspen and I set up her account. Later when they were gone we had a chat about how this would be a trial and that I was putting my trust in her. Basically they seem to use it as a way to chat to one another more than posting pictures. Each night she shows me what she has done on it, and she has done that willingly so I am happy with that. I can’t say I am comfortable with her being on it, but I know part of that is just me not being ready to accept she really is growing up.

Personally my favourite social media is Instagram, I love every day lovely photos, and I feel, for me, it is a great way to keep a little album of life, and memories. Almost like a photo gratitude journal. I can look back through it and reflect on all the memories we create as a family, but also the little things I am thankful for each day, like coffee, nature and my warm home. 

I think that if we just share the real us, and be content in who we are, then social media can be a happy place. When we start comparing ourselves to others, or pretend to be something, or someone we are not then social media becomes a negative experience. It is part of the reason I started my Instagram hashtag Living Fearlessly Authentic, a hashtag where we can all share every day real life, the good, the bad, the chaos and beauty in everyday. Feel free to join in if you wish simply by tagging your Instagram pics  with #livingfearlesslyauthentic. I feature my favourites every Monday here on the blog.

Just be you, be real, to me that is what social media should be about. And as for our children I guess we have to trust our gut, but also not let our own personal fears and anxieties stop them from creating their own paths in life. What do you think? Are you on social media, if so has it been a positive, or negative experience for you? Are your children on it? Share any thoughts or stories with me below in my comments section.

Here are my favourites from this weeks #livingfearlesslyauthentic

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