My children mean everything to me, sometimes I complain about this ‘mum‘ job, not that it is a job, but you know what I mean. I complain because I am exhausted, because I sometimes want to shower without an audience, because I want to chill out by 9pm without a child needing to pay me a visit making me have to pause my show for the 5th time, hide the chocolate, or close my laptop yet again.

I complain because I don’t want to feel guilty for needing an hour to myself, or because I am sick of having to nag them to get ready in the mornings so we can get to school on time. Just writing this paragraph has taken me much longer than it should have because 2 out of 3 of my children have come in several times to tell me things that just can’t wait!!!! Like how there is a man with 6 toes! Oh and I was also informed that my 6 year old didn’t come home today with his watch I only brought him a week ago because he and his best friend decided to throw it in the air and now it is stuck on the roof at school! It’s OK it was only a cheap one lol. 

But like I said my kids mean everything to me! I love them so much and all the chaos they bring to my life, I would rather it take me over an hour to watch 20 minutes worth of TV because they need hugs than to not have them in my life. Kids kind of drive you crazy and make life messy, but they do it with the sweetest hearts and cutest smiles, and they make life a million times more fun. I feel so so so very lucky to be ‘mum’! 

This weekend was no exception to the chaos of life with kids with yet another birthday party being held in our home, yes 2 weeks in a row! Read last weekends birthday party post HERE.  Aspen turned 12 and it was her turn to celebrate, it was a very noisy, but absolutely wonderful day! The weather wasn’t great, it rained on and off and was chilly, but the girls all and an absolute ball and Aspen felt very loved and had a huge smile all day! 






She got some lovely gifts and some money which she is saving up to go overseas with her best friend when they finish high school. She also got a DIY dreamcatcher which she loved and had lots of fun making. She started it on Sunday. But then had to pause as her grandparents came to visit and then one of her friends who couldn’t make her party on Saturday came for dinner and a play on Sunday. 


She made an A on it for her name.



She finally finished it on Monday after school. (Have you seen the gorgeous Dreamcatchers April got?)


Adam’s birthday is at the end of September so no more kids parties for us to host for a while now. It has been a busy couple of weekends, actually it has been busy since we moved in 4 weeks ago. I think I am in need of a good rest, thank goodness for coffee! 


What have you been up to? Did you have a busy weekend too? Feel free to leave me a comment, I love comments! (PS: I planned on posting this last night, but due to my ‘mum job‘ I didn’t make my deadline. I finally finished adding the photos today whilst they were at school.) 

Thank you for joining me, love Mac xx

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