As I helped them put on their winter coats and load their backpacks onto their backs, backpacks that seem way too big and heavy for such little people, I suddenly felt a sense of unexpected sadness come over me. I kissed those sweet little faces goodbye and my son gave me one of those almighty squeezie hugs that he does so well. They waved and headed off in three different directions to see their friends before the school bell rang to indicate that the holidays were officially over.

Part of me had been looking forward to them heading back to school after a 3 week wintertime break. I was craving a little peace and quiet, an uninterrupted coffee, and just that sweet silence. I was also looking forward to grocery shopping on my own, and the ability to sneak in a takeaway coffee without having to also order 3 hot chocolates and treats, our bank balance was feeling the strain of school holidays.

But as I pulled up at the grocery store to prepare for the week, I sat in the car thinking “I miss them”! Am I weird? I got through the grocery shop on budget, yay me, and I saw the coffee shop across the way, but I walked straight past it. Yes I thought I had officially gone mad!

How do these little people get under our skin so easily, how do they wrap us around their little fingers with little effort? They seem to bury themselves into every crevice of our being, and steal our sanity along with our hearts!

I couldn’t help but reminisce about the fun we had whilst on holidays and the beautiful places we explored.

Back to reality, but now I have more precious moments that I have stored away. And the next time I am being driven mad, which no doubt will be soon, I can at least remember these awesome moments of parenthood and feel pretty lucky.

This week there were so many gorgeous photographs shared on Instagram as part of our #mummyshot community. As always it was so hard to choose! But here are my favourites from this week. If you would like to join in the community just add the hashtag to your Insta photos.

Top Left @dilan_andme.

Top Right @leanmeanmomma.

Bottom Left @andjacobmakesthree.

Bottom Right @coffeeandbubbles.


Thank you to everyone who continues to share their precious photographs with us.

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  1. I love this, I know exactly how you feel. When Leo was going to pre school I would find myself looking forward to him going on a monday but by 10am I was missing him like crazy. These are beautiful shots from the #mummyshot community x #blogcrush

  2. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them, for sure! At least the lovely holiday memories can get you through the times when you’re apart. #BlogCrush

  3. Oh yes. So beautifully put and so wonderfully true – they really do have such a special place in our lives and in our hearts. I definitely get the “back to school” blues when term time starts again – the house seems so quiet! #blogcrush

  4. Lovely shots! I went for afternoon tea with my mum today and should have just been enjoying peace and quiet and being able to eat without interruption. However, every baby I saw was just making me miss my daughter SO badly. #blogcrush

  5. Aww… what a lovely post! I know that feelings well. We are in the middle of our summer holiday at the moment and I am sooo wanting them to go back – like right now! lol!! Thanks Mac for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost xx

  6. This is so true! We went away once for a week without the kids and I missed them so much I said we would never leave them again! Returning to school after a great summer is always tricky. #explorerkids

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