Aspen has attended many parties before. Of course they started off as family parties, followed by sweet little kinder parties where they would dress up with fairy wings. When she started school it seemed we had a party to attend almost every weekend. It was a great way for me to get to know the other children she would be growing up with and their parents. It really helped her with her social skills too. She had always been so shy and watching her blossom was beautiful, and made me so proud.

Now in high school she seems to have constant parties again. Most have been great, fairly intimate get togethers that I have been comfortable with. Tonight she is attending a larger party though, and I am not sure I feel comfortable with it. I actually felt fine when I said she could go, but as today arrived I started feeling quite stressed about it. With over 100 kids invited, including boys, I am just feeling like things are moving too fast (maybe for me more than her). She is 13, and I know I went to loads of parties at her age too, and maybe that is the problem I remember teenage parties too well.

I know I am over thinking! I am, aren’t I? Please tell me I am being silly worrying? I want to be a fly on the wall, making sure my baby is OK. Gosh they think they are so grown up at 13 and they are just so young and vulnerable. She has great friends, she is smart and she is still young at heart compared to many children her age, but I just feel like maybe I should have kept her home. But I can not hold her back, can I? She has to spread her wings, she has to learn things and live her own life. This is her story, her journey. I will do my best to guide her, and be there for her, but she is her own person.

She looked so beautiful when her and her lovely friend left for the party. I am over thinking. I am still learning to accept that I now have a teen. So tonight I will hope she has an amazing night, that she dances and laughs and feels beautiful inside and out. As for me, here at home, I will hug my two younger ones tight and count my blessings that I get to be mummy to these 3 amazing kids!

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