“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness.

Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

Scott Adams

I find this quote to be exceptionally beautiful, I truly believe kindness is contagious and that a single act of kindness can absolutely have a flow on affect that goes way beyond the person who the kindness was initially  intended for.

Kindness has immense power, it is a true gift that can be shared over and over simply by the giving of our heart. When one person chooses to share kindness they are opening their heart in the most pure and humane way. When kindness comes from an honest place, through compassion, gratitude, love, friendship and generosity, rather than from a place of obligation, or the need for approval, then it is the most wonderful, magical gift you can give and recieve.

Think back to  time when you were in desperate need of kindness and how it felt when someone gave that to you. It may have been a complete stranger who had nothing to gain from helping you, but still they did it anyway. It may have been someone who cared for you when you were ill, who took the time to listen to you when you were hurting, or who helped you through a difficult time. It may have been someone who stopped to hold a door when they could see you had your hands full, or someone who gave you a welcoming smile when you felt lonely or out of place. Someone who hugged you whilst you cried, or someone who just let you know you are not alone.


Acts of kindness can range from large acts of generosity, to small gestures that help you get through your day without completely loosing your s***. The kindness we experience changes our perception of people, of our world, and it has this magical effect of making us help out the next person we see who is struggling, or just needs that reassuring smile.

It doesn’t take much to be kind, and when you consider the benefits and the ripple effect that carries forward, it is absolutely mind blowing.

Kindness when coming from pure intention, brings benefits to the giver and the receiver, it is a feel good, free way to increase happiness and life satisfaction. It is powerful!

Think about it, right here, right now, if you were to do something kind today how far could that ripple potentially carry forth? How many people can you reach? How many countries will your kindness spread to? It is magical isn’t it?  If it is true that we all are connected through 6 degrees of separation, then it is possible that there really is no logical end to how far your kindness can go just as Scott Adams says in his above quote. It almost goes without saying that at some point your kindness will also be blessed back upon you.

Any thoughts? What kindness has someone shown you recently? Have you shown kindness lately? I’d love to hear your stories.

Thank you, because by reading this you have shown me kindness, Mac xx