Pets have an amazing way of making us fall completely in love with them. It’s the way they look at you with such love and devotion. They really do just want the basics in life, love, food, water, to play, more love and more love. And they give nothing but love back to us. 

Every time we come home Holly-Rose is waiting excitedly for us, actually she beyond excited! She wants to be around us constantly, many a time I have nearly stepped on her, or fallen over her as she follows me around the house. Every evening she snuggles up next to me, and then when we go to bed she curls up on Aspen’s bed and sleeps there. She has changed the way we view the world, she has found her way into the depth of our hearts and we can’t imagine life without her.


Our pets have become a huge part of our every day life. It is not all cuteness and snuggles, caring for pets requires a lot of work. Holly-Rose needs to be played with, fed, brushed, washed and trimmed. She is much easier now than when she was a puppy, puppies require a lot of training if they are going to make a good pet. If they are going to be mainly an indoor dog then toilet training is time consuming, but worth the effort! Holly-Rose is a Moodle which means she is crossed with a Poodle so she doesn’t shed hair, making her a great choice for people with allergies and also ideal for an indoor dog if you don’t want hair everywhere. It just means that she requires trims.

Holly-Rose looking after April when she was very sick.

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After adopting Holly-Rose we went on to rescue 3 kittens, yes 3, my hubby was not so impressed. I got a little carried away oops! It is easy to go overboard, and not consider the ongoing cost of food, kitty litter and VET bills! Oops again! But our kittens, now cats, are super sweet and Avari thinks she is a dog, her and Holly-Rose are best friends.


The cats have also been so sweet when one of us is unwell they really keep us company. A consideration with cats  though is allergies. It can be tricky when friends or family members are allergic.

This was Toby on the bed looking after me when I was unwell.


Cat Love.



Our other pets are bunnies. We have minilops, which are floppy eared and small, very cute and make perfect pets. But again they come with considerations. Often male bunnies can fight if they are not separated, and even females can too. One of our boys Batman can not be with the other boys as he is too dominant with them, at the moment the other 3 boys get along, but that could change. Their hutches require plenty of cleaning too!

Last weekend poor Batman developed a sore eye, we had to apply eye cream 3 times a day, he is so much better now. Here is a photo of me cuddling him when he was sick.

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More bunny love.







It is clear how much we love our pets despite the costs involved and the work. But there is so much to take into account before adopting or rescuing any animal. Things to consider include,

  • Who will mind them when you go on holidays?
  • The initial cost is nothing compared to the ongoing costs, things like food, bedding, toys, worming treatments, flee treatments, grooming costs, boarding if needed, check ups, unexpected vet visits.
  • Who will feed, walk, clean up after and groom your pet?
  • Look into the temperament of the pet before you choose one, and the maintenance level.
  • Will you need to improve fencing?
  • How many years is your pet expected to live? Can you make a long term commitment?

So many pets end up abandoned because we don’t think through our choice to buy, rescue or adopt. Don’t make the decisions lightly, walk away and sleep on any decision. I am hopeless (clearly), lucky my husband is a little more sensible! 

Of course if you decide that you are ready for a pet then let me tell you, there is nothing more wonderful than the love a pet will give to you and your family! Our pets have changed our lives and all the work is totally worth it as they give us so many laughs and so much happiness. 




Do you have pets? Are you thinking of getting any? What advice would you give to anyone thinking of getting a pet?

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx . . . . oh and Holly-Rose xx






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