We all have dreams, things we wish we were doing, or goals we want to accomplish, but if we are not careful time and opportunities will pass us by all too quickly! Before we know it a year, or ten years from now we will still be right where we are. Have you ever wondered how the dreams you had a year ago aren’t any closer to coming true now than they were then?

Oh well next year! Is that what you tell yourself? It is common for us to make excuses and keep making them. We are too good at putting plans on hold, and when we do we feel like they are valid reasons, but more often than not we could actually make more of an effort, and a lot less excuses.

I’m too busy. This is one of the most common reasons we give for not being able to achieve goals. It is true we are all busy, but the truth is a year from now you will still not find magical spare hours to put into your dreams. Lack of time comes down to what we fill our calendars up with. Finding time to achieve dreams means finding ways to carve out time! If we can waste an hour or more on Facebook and social media, or waste 3 hours watching Netflix, then we could probably find time to work on our goals! We may not want to admit we can find time, but we usually can if we search harder. Think outside of the box.

I can’t be bothered today! I’ll do it tomorrow. Only we don’t. Tomorrow we get too busy again, or can’t be bothered again. If you can’t be bothered then just tell yourself you will give it 30 minutes. Once you just start you often find the unexpected momentum to keep going.

I don’t have enough money. OK so money is a realistic factor, we do need it to travel the world, or buy a home. Look through your budget, or if you do not have a budget make one. We often waste money and don’t even realise that we are. By keeping track of where your money goes and in particular what you waste it on, you can often find some spare money to start putting away. Save, save and save. Spend less! Really think about the things you buy and whether you can live without them. Little things like taking lunch to work, drinking tap water instead of buying bottled water, turning lights off when you are not in a room, buying fresh seasonal fruit and veg instead of packet, or pre cut ones, will all save you money. All those little savings will add up. It can be about the satisfaction of working towards a long term goal, as opposed to that immediate gratification.

Just by addressing some of these excuses and changing your mindset, you can really gain more focus and get closer to achieving your goals.

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx

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