I don’t know about you, but I get easily overwhelmed when I have a lot of tasks to complete. I find when there is too much on my plate I tend to procrastinate. I don’t know where to start and I almost feel like throwing everything in the ‘too hard basket’.

This time of year things can really get on top of us all, with party, after party, everyone wanting to catch up for Christmas, school coming to an end for the year, kids concert performances, work breakups, and shopping centres crowded it can too easily feel like we’ve entered a world of chaos. Much of it is beautiful chaos, I mean I love buying gifts for people, even if the bank balance doesn’t look as pretty as I’d like. I love the decorations and how magical all the pretty lights look, and I love catching up with everyone. Still it can feel like there is little time to get to the smaller tasks, or just find a moment too breathe.

I find these things help me, so I thought I would share them with you.

  • Make decisions quickly. I tend to procrastinate which can cause me to waste lots of time. By forcing myself to just quickly go with my gut feeling when making a decision I save myself  a lot of time. Besides if I over think what to get someone as a gift I usually go back to my original idea anyway.
  • Do those little things right away. You know when you walk in the front door and you just want to throw your coat on the chair, or your keys on the table? I know it is tempting when we are totally exhausted, but the  time we can waist looking for our car keys later that day or the next morning is super frustrating! As soon as you walk in hang up your coat, pop your handbag away, put your keys where they belong. It really makes a difference next time you are getting already to leave the house. Even other things like putting your bowl or cup straight in the dishwasher, or putting away shopping straight away will save you time later, and stop little tasks adding up to big tasks later.
  • Stay on top of those annoying tasks. Don’t wait until your fuel tank is on empty before filling up as it always seems we need to get petrol right when we are running late. Try to pop on a little washing each day so your weekend isn’t filled with doing the washing. Fold socks and pop away underpants as soon as they come out of the dryer or off the clothesline so you don’t have to hunt desperately for them in the morning.
  • Use your Calendar. I have finally gotten in the habit of using my iPhone Calendar, (yes I know most of you have probably been doing it for years, but if not) as soon as I make an appointment I pop it in, and set a reminder to go off the day before. I can share things I need to with my husband, or children too which makes us all aware of what is coming up, and I choose the ‘work option’ for things I don’t need to share with my family.

Hope these tips help you this holiday season. Feel free to suggest any other tips in the comments below xx

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