I know the feeling of wishing I could see more of the world, I dream of cooking and eating pasta in Italy and sipping on a cappuccino. I imagine delighting my children with Disneyland, and sipping cocktails with my husband on a beach in Mauritius. I want to see Egypt, see the trees during a Canadian autumn, and see where my father grew up in England, there is so much I would love to see and explore. But in reality this is not in my immediate future. I have 3 children to get through private school, and a mortgage, I have other priorities right now. But this doesn’t mean I can’t travel, this doesn’t mean I can’t see and explore amazing new places. We live in an amazing world and their is more around us than we know. We just have to look.

It is easy to get caught up in glossy magazines with exotic travel destinations, but we often forget that we have plenty to see at our finger tips. Have you ever really explored your own town? Have you ever visited your city and looked at it as a tourist would? Do you take day trips and visit places you have never seen? It is funny but we do often ignore what is right in front of us. Travelling doesn’t have to break your budget. If you can’t afford an overseas adventure then look a little closer to home. Do some research on your local area, look what is available only a few hours drive away.

Here are some travel goals that all of us should have!

One. Have at least two nights away in your capital city. Explore your city like you are a tourist. Head to the Market, wonder through the streets, find little out of the way shops (not big department stores). Dine in a beautiful restaurant for dinner and a funky cafe for lunch. Head to the Botanic Gardens,  Art Centre, or Museum. Stay in a nice Hotel and order room service for breakfast. Take in a show at the theatre, or head to the ballet. We took the kids into Melbourne for a couple of nights last year and they had an absolute blast! They really enjoyed the laneways and the galleries.

my city



Two. Explore the nearest country villages or towns. This time head out of the city. Check out when the local farmers markets are on, or a craft market where you can by local jewellery or art work. Have a pub meal or pack a picnic with what you brought from the market. Look up where and when you can go fruit picking and do it. One of our favourite family memories is picking strawberries at the farm.

Three. Bush walking. Most people live within driving distance of somewhere that has great bush walking tracks or bike trails. You can pretty much google anything, so look up where the nearest ones to you are. Put on some good walking shoes and start exploring your local wilderness. Take your camera and the kids, they will love exploring nature!


Four. Take a train trip. Pick somewhere you have never been and get on a train and go there. Explore local streets and eat something you have never tried before. If you have kids they will love this adventure.

Five. Go off the beaten track. Take a few days off and just go, find new and interesting places, and visit quirky shops.

Six. Visit local Wine Country. Taste test some wine, not too much that you can’t drive of course, or see if there is a bus tour so you can try more, or maybe just try the most expensive. Buy a bottle and head back to your accommodation and enjoy it with some local cheese or chocolate, (or both), add in good company or a good book. Maybe this one is more adult only!


Seven. Google the most adventurous thing you can do within driving distance of where you live. And do it! Go on book it! Get that adrenaline pumping. Sky diving, bungee jumping, parasailing, snow skiing/boarding, water skiing, bull riding, white water rafting, whatever you can find, break out of your comfort zone.

DSC_0788 (1)

Eight. Spend a night at a day spa, take your partner, your sister or a best friend, or even do it alone. (You may need this after number seven). Indulge in your favourite spa treatment, a massage, facial, pedicure or a body wrap. Have a healthy dinner and drink lots of water to cleanse your body, (Ok maybe sneak some wine in too if you must). Go out for breakfast in the morning at a local cafe, or better yet stay another night, order room service all day and stay in your fluffy robe and slippers. Bliss.


There is so much we can do that won’t break the bank, day trips to the beach, or a beautiful lake, hiking, and visiting your city are all fun things that can open your eyes up to the wonderful world you have within your grasp (and your budget). It doesn’t mean you wont get to explore those overseas destinations, keep saving and you will get there. Create a vision board and pin places you dream of visiting on there. The universe will hear you and make it happen.



Remember you have the power to create a better life, always follow what is in your heart and be as adventurous as you choose.

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx

All photographs taken here were within a 2 hour drive of my home and taken by my hubby and I.

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we live in a beautiful world, just open your eyes and see what you can find




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