This week I’ve been lucky enough to get away with my family. Since Steve started his new job we haven’t really had some solid quality family time, so it was long overdue. Getting away down the coast is one of our favourite things to do. Walks along the beaches,

finding amazing cafes,

and playing board games is just bliss.

Playing Monopoly Card game with the kids on the bed whilst drinking takeaway coffee.

When we were looking to book our getaway a couple months ago I had April home sick, so I let her make the ultimate decision on where we would stay. It is so interesting when you let a child pick what you should do. She picked the sweetest little holiday house, and I mean little. It was just fully renovated and is gorgeous, but she chose the littlest of all the places we were looking at because, as she said, it meant we would all be close to each other. I love that! Maybe someday she won’t want us all to be so close together, she will crave her own space, and shut her bedroom door at home. So right now I will cherish this little holiday home where we are, and love every minute of our time together.

What little things do you love to do as a family that creates the best memories?

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