Have you ever wondered if you could write a letter to your younger self what you would say? Would you want to change your past if you could? Would you warn your younger self against making mistakes?

It’s Friday, time to garb a drink and join me for Friday Reflections.


This Friday I have chosen to reflect on this thought. “What would I Write if I could write a letter to my teenage self?” This is one of this weeks Friday reflection prompts. It isn’t easy thinking about what to write. Would I spare myself the pain I went through if I could? And what if that means changing where I am right now? What if it means changing all the happiness I have experienced?

Dear me, well younger me, more insecure me, sorry was that blunt? Let’s face it, you are fairly sensitive so maybe I should take a gentler approach with you?

Dear younger self,

this is you writing this. Only from the future, now settle down don’t freak out, just listen. . . . .    On second thought younger me never liked being told what to do, so scratch that and start again.


Dear younger self,

This is a letter from yourself to you, from 20 years in the future, (my present). I am 38 now and don’t worry you look great, feel great and have turned out well, pretty great! Oh and don’t worry you don’t say ‘great’ too often. Sorry bit of humour, so yay, you are still as silly as ever. 

Where to start? I guess I should be giving you some sort of advice, telling you about all the mistakes you are going to make, and warning you against that bad boy you are about to meet? But it’s kind of hard to advise you against making the choices you are yet to make because they turn you into me, and this may come as a shock, but I actually like me now! Those mistakes, those wrong choices, the tears, pain, suffering, they made me who I am today. They are the connection between you and I. We didn’t go from A to C, there was B in the middle. And as hard as it was for years it has given you such insight into your true self, it has shaped you and given you strength that you never knew was in you.

Don’t be afraid, it wasn’t all bad, it was wonderful too. In the next 20 years you will feel like you are on the adventure of a lifetime. The downs are down, but oh wait until you see those highs, you wouldn’t believe me even if I told you. At 18 you may think you already know what love is, or what it will be like when you hold your own child one day, but you have no idea of real love, not yet, but you will. 

If I told you by 30 you will have met the man you will marry, that he will love you beyond your fantasies, and you will have your first child with him at 27 you would  be so happy, but you have a lot to go through before this will happen. Hold on to that though, hold on to what I tell you. Whatever you are about to go through you will be OK, you will come out the other side stronger, braver, a fighter. You can handle more than you know. And in your darkest hour know this, know that you don’t give up, know that you survive, know that meeting the love of your life is only a short time away. 


I wish I could say it is all easy after that. It isn’t easy, there are hard times and you will lose some people you love along the way. You will battle with emotions, with loss, with heartache, but you are strong. You will also laugh and celebrate, you will love more than I can tell you. You will dance and sing, you will travel and have a beautiful home to raise your family. You will shine.

As I write this, my heart breaks knowing all you are yet to face, but my heart swells with pride for you too. You were an amazing young girl, even if you don’t see that. If I could give you advice I would tell you to look around, to live in the moment. Stop trying to hurry up your life. You are so lucky you are funny, smart, beautiful. You have so many friends and an amazing family, but you are your own worst critic. Believe in who you are, your future can wait, just enjoy who you are!

If I can tell you one thing, if I can reassure you that I am OK, that I am more than OK. I have found us, I searched hard and I did it, I found our inner voice, I found our authentic self. And guess what I am a writer, we are a writer. I am finally writing that novel, you know the one. Skies the limit! Life is beautiful now. Life is worth living, every moment of it! So embrace it, love your life, love who you are and go forth knowing whatever you will face you will be OK. You will be amazing!

Live, laugh, hug, dance, and always be true to you. When you find your own truth, when you learn to live with authenticity, you truly begin to live with happiness.

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At the end of the day, my past has been lived. I have no regrets because although I have made mistakes I have learnt from them. If given the choice to change anything, I wouldn’t. I would never risk changing where I am today. I love the people who stand beside me, I love who I am. I have more growing to do, but I am willing. I own my choices. I forgive myself, and those who have hurt me.

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What about you, would you change your past?

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx



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This weeks prompts 

  1. Write a letter to your teenage self.
  2. Write about 5 things you are grateful for this week.
  3. The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” Vince Lombardi #FRIDAYREFLECTIONS3
  4. Bonus Prompt: As part of ‪#‎1000Speak‬ (1000 bloggers reflecting on anti-bullying on 20 March 2015) reflect on the topic ‘Building from Bullying’ in a positive and compassionate light.

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