This week has been a whirlwind. Holding it together hasn’t been easy. My anxiety has been through the roof. It is only now that I can sit down and take a breath and actually feel like the fog is lifting. 

Last Monday I actually shared the below quote with you;


yet funnily enough I didn’t realise how much I would feel the significance of this myself this past week. (By the way this was my view from my lounge room in my home we sold last year, I miss that view).  

A couple few weeks ago I put my back out and for two days I could barely walk, I couldn’t stand straight and I felt useless. The pain was terrible. A couple of days later Aspen started to say her back was in pain in the lower region and I knew she was telling the truth, but thought maybe she is exaggerating, I mean she is 12 how bad can a 12 year olds back be? Still I booked her in to see an Osteopath, thinking he would fix her up pretty quickly. As my back gradually improved and is still improving, her pain was getting worse and still is. At our first visit to the Osteo he looked at me and said “This pain is Very Real and Very Bad!” The way he looked at me I could see he was really trying to get through to me that her pain was not in any way being exaggerated by her, and that he was worried. We were immediately sent for X-rays. The X-rays showed a Fracture of the lower spine. The Osteo was giving her some gentle massage, but even to do any stretching was agony. She was being so brave and not complaining at all, but the pain was written all over her face.

We were then referred straight away to see a Sports Medicine Specialist who examined her and sent her straight for an MRI scan.

During all this going on we also had her Grade 6 graduation party, I developed a nasty throat infection, and we had a freak storm blow over Melbourne after a 38 degree day, and as the storm came in the Pollen literally exploded across Melbourne causing an asthma outbreak. Emergency centres were set up, we ran out of ambulances, hospitals were flooded with patients and it was declared an emergency. People who had never suffered asthma were having attacks, and two people died waiting for ambulances. Read more HERE.

Here are some pictures from our home as the weather changed.

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My son was affected too. I woke up to the sound of him trying to cough, but struggling to get it out. He was very distressed. Luckily because Aspen is asthmatic I had medication in the house which helped. He has been put on steroids and is now on the mend, but for two nights I lay next to him watching him struggle to breathe. We were back at the doctor with him for the 4th time yesterday with his blood oxygen levels at 94% when they should be at least 98% at his age, and his breathing rate was still rapid.

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Adam asleep in my bed yesterday

On top of all this my hubby Steve was offered another job and we were trying too make a decision about that.

So yesterday was Aspen’s MRI and this morning I anxiously awaited a phone call, I honestly felt like vomiting. I am so tired and have been so stressed. Thank goodness nothing sinister has showed up!!!! I almost cried when I heard that news, I can not tell you the relief I felt!!! Still she is not out of the woods, but to know my little girl is not going to require back surgery is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I rang hubby and he decided to take the job now that we know that Aspen will be OK.

She will require intense rehabilitation though. The defect she has been now diagnosed with is in most cases treatable with Physiotherapy. She will be in pain still for quite some time, but at least we can get her active again. The Specialist is one of Melbourne’s top Doctors and has personally referred us to one of the top Spinal Physiotherapists. He treats AFL players, Australian Netball teams and other Elite athletes. So I feel so happy to know she is in the best hands!

So as I said the fog is lifting, Adam is on the mend, we have the start of a plan for Aspen, and hubby has made a decision about his job. My back is getting better and my throat is still sore, but to be honest I don’t care about that. Like I said in my previous post, we need to be OK with asking for help too, even if it’s just someone who will listen, like my poor sister who had me on the phone in tears the other night! I am so grateful for all the Instagram support too! I honestly don’t know how parents cope when they have a seriously ill child, they are so brave and amazing!

On a positive note Aspen, (despite being in more pain now because of it) had the most amazing night for her grade 6 Graduation party, I spoiled her by getting her nails done, her hair done and even let her wear a little make up for the first time. She was smiling all night, it was great to see such an amazing group of children celebrate their past 7 years together!

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Her Jewellery was her graduation gift from us, it is from Swarovski

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Ready to go!

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So if you have noticed I am a bit behind on everything right now that’s because I have been in complete mummy mode. My home is a mess, my brain has been a mess, my emails are left un looked at, but my kids have been hugged and loved so that is all that counts. So go hugs your kids, or your friends, enjoy all the little things and a nice cup of tea! 

Thanks for listening, love Mac xx

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