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Driving home from NSW last June, after attending my only niece’s communion and spending some lovely time with family, Steve and I made a decision, it was time to sell our home.

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I guess the seed was planted over the time we stayed with my brother, his wife and their three children. Their children were attending a school right around the corner from their home, a school that they could walk to. As a child this is how my life had been, I could always walk or ride my bike to school, and so could my husband. There was never an issue about friends coming over after school, or me going to their place because everything and everyone was close by. I don’t think both my hubby, or I realised how much we wanted that for our family until we were away in NSW last year.

On the long drive home we talked about how amazing it would be to live closer to our children’s school. We had only been in our home exactly 4 years last June. We had built what was our dream home, we had amazing views of hills and space for the kids to run, we even had chickens. We had built our home as the home we would raise our children in. But sometimes plans change.

Although we still loved the area we were living in, we knew that we needed to be closer to the place where our friends were, and where our children’s friends were, also their school and their after school activities. We love our children’s school, taking them out was never an option for us. It is a difficult school to get into and we were not willing to give up that place, or move them from the friends they loved. We had made strong connections with other families and life was great, we knew the change had to be our address.

Financially it wasn’t the best decision, selling a home after only 4 years meant we made no money on the sale, but that was not our concern, we trusted our gut and never doubted that we were making the right decision. We sold our home fairly quickly and chose our new home just as quick! Building started in December 2015, and we haven’t looked back.

Today I am super excited!!! As today is the day that hubby and I are going to see our new home fully built for the first time! We are doing the ‘walk through’! I can not wait!!! I can’t even describe how excited I am! It is hard to believe that a year ago we had no intention of ever selling our dream home and here we are about to go look at our new home!

We have been so lucky as our builders have been fantastic and this has all happened so easily. I can’t wait to see my home in a few hours and fingers crossed we will be moving in soon.


Sometimes life throws you signs, in fact I think life sends us all messages fairly often and sometimes we ignore them until they punch us in the face! Other times we hear them loud and clear and we just have to take a chance. We decided to take that chance, I am nervous and excited, but most of all I am confident that this was the right choice for our family. And I think that is what we have to do in life, we have to make choices that we feel positive about. Yes we will feel nervous, but sometimes we have to leap into a new adventure, or follow a new path. We have to trust we are doing the right thing, and I think when we go into something with positivity and good intentions in our hearts we are half way to success already! What do you think?

So wish us luck as we head off to see our new home, and as we head down our new path, our new beginning. 

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


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