There is no denying that December 1st is here, the stores are getting busier, as are the carparks, and there are plenty of posts on social media of trees going up and homes being beautifully adorned with lights and holly.

via @blackened_sky.

It truly is a magical sight to see. So along with todays favourite mummy shots roundup I am also including some bonus Christmas themed pics shared on Mummy Shot this week. As always thanks to everyone who tags our Instagram Community. Happy December everyone.

Here are my favourites from this weeks #mummyshot community this week!

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@dollydowise.  @merinandco

And in the spirit of Christmas coming . .

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my favourite from mummy shot co-host Catie is;


My favourite from my own feed is this one of my daughter’s pretty hair;



Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx

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