“Children will not remember you for the material things you gave them but for the feeling that you cherished them.”

— Richard L. Evans

I started off my Monday morning with the intention to write a post to share with you today, but life has had other plans. It is now after 10pm here as I sit to type this. My children are all tucked up, safe and warm in their beds. Nothing makes me happier than watching them sleep peacefully, and knowing they are safe. April has been sick on and off a lot lately, this morning she woke up very pale and weak. So instead of blogging, it has been a day of loads of mummy hugs. She had to have some blood tests taken which we are yet to find out the results for. So I am crossing my fingers and saying prayers my little girl is OK. I am sure she will be, but it is scary when your child is sick.

We can become so fixated on giving our children material things, working so hard to make sure they do all the after school activities, and have the latest clothes. But all they really need is us. Today all she needed was to feel loved. We can’t be there all day, everyday, but we can make them feel loved each and every day.

This was not what I had intended to blog about today, but this is real life.

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My favourite post from last weeks #mg was again the same as the most popular post, and it was from Laura, her beautiful birthday letter to her daughter is a must read. If you haven’t read this, please take a look. “For Meggy, on your fourth birthday”



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