I sent my friend a text earlier asking how Saturday went, as I had received a frantic message from her on Saturday.

Basically her husband had received tickets to an Under The Stars Gala in a very exclusive area where all the ‘rich’ people hang out, the tickets were worth a fortune and he was given them for free, and oops for got to tell her until the last minute! She was at work with no time to book a hairdresser, buy a dress or have her nails done, but at least her babysitter was available! She felt so lucky to be going, but was freaking out, she wrote to me

“who does this to a woman?” and added “especially ME!”

It’s true, she is what I would call a perfectionist (actually that’s putting it mildly), and always has to look her best (which to be honest isn’t hard for her as yes she is one of “those” incredibly annoying, oops I mean beautiful women). But a man telling a woman last minute would stress any woman out! But when it comes to my friend it would have just about sent her crazy!

She wrote back today to tell me it all went great, and yet now she is stressing about a whole different matter. Her mother-in-law is coming to stay next weekend! Now it’s not that she doesn’t like her mother in-law, it is that she wants everything to be perfect when she comes to stay. But she is totally stressed as she is working every day leading up to the mother in-laws arrival!

I text her back assuring her the her house will look fabulous because seriously my friends idea of messy is any other persons idea of clean, she is a clean freak! I have never seen a mess in her home and she has two boys! I also told her to “just drink some wine and RELAX!”

Any way my point is that we worry so much about things, don’t we? I can make light of what my friend is saying, but the truth be told I would stress in these situations too, so is it just my friend and I that are weird? Or are we all stressing way too much about way too many things?

Just this morning I have been thinking about all the ‘things‘ I need to do! I feel completely behind in almost everything right now! I had a great weekend, but some of the things I wanted to achieve just didn’t happen, like the huge pile of washing I wanted to get through and the ironing that is still sitting in the laundry and mocks me every time I walk in there. Last night I had to quickly wash and dry the school uniforms so my kids don’t look unloved!

But then again I had a great weekend and so did the kids. We had time with friends on Saturday and even had dinner out just hubby, Adam and I, whilst April (pictured below) ,and Aspen were at parties,


and on Sunday Adam graduated from Ninja’s to a Commando at Taekwondo and family came back to our place to celebrate. So does it matter that everything is now more disorganised than I hoped it would be come Monday morning?

Maybe? Maybe not?

What do you think?

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


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