I am a mum to a teenager, and although it feels crazy to say that, because “HELLO when the hell did that happen?” Wasn’t I just a teen myself? OK clearly not, but seriously this stuff sneaks up on you!

This is a warning to all of you Parents with adorable chubby legged toddlers out there, they don’t stay that way, and although they are probably driving you crazy and you want to run away to a permanent day spa one minute, they then do something really cute, and totally adorable and you want to freeze time, and yes you’re baby is a genius! 

Anyway, as I said I am a mum to a teenager, and I’ve gotten to this point where I’ve realised that in 3 and a half years she will be eighteen, an adult, well legally an adult. The responsibility of being an adult is not as fun as we think it’ll be when we are a teen, the reality is we are meant to make grown up decisions and those decisions that will be made can, and will affect the rest of your life. It leaves me questioning, as a parent am I doing enough? Am I preparing her to make mature decisions? Have I sheltered her too much, or have I not sheltered her enough? Have we talked enough about life, the world, about responsibilities, body image, politics, love, career choices, the environment?

I am not sure if all parents feel the same, but there are certain values and beliefs that I want to bestow onto my children, yet I want them to have their own beliefs and be able express them to me, and debate with me why these things really matter to them. I don’t expect to have my children agree with me on everything, I want them to be passionate and well researched, I want them to make up their own minds about what truly matters to them. However, if I am being totally honest with myself there are certain topics that matter a lot to me, and it is hard to think they may not agree with those. Still I know deep down that I am doing my best, (which is not always the level of best I wish I was doing), to set a foundation for my children to feel empowered enough to speak their mind, to be honest with me, even if it means disagreeing with me. More than anything I want them to be their own unique adult, with their own passions and opinions, it may mean we may debate more, and have less in common, but I hope that I am raising them to know that without a doubt they will be loved by me no matter what their beliefs in this world turn out to be.

To myself I hope I will say. “I have done the best I can to lay a strong foundation that she can stand upon!”

To my daughter I hope I will say. “Take on the world in your own way, spread your wild and beautiful wings . . . go ahead and fly!”


Being a parent is not always easy, in fact it can be daunting and even terrifying. Yet it is the most magnificent thing I continue to do each day.

Thanks for reading this post today, if you have any opinions please leave me a comment, love Mac xx