Some days I want to run away, I want to find a hiding place where no one can find me and ask me questions. I’ve tried the bedroom with the door shut, but sadly I was followed and asked “‘why are you shutting the door”? I’ve tried a shower, um no, no privacy there either.


Last resort . . . the toilet, I mean who in their right mind would follow a person to the toilet?????? Clearly I had no clue that when you became a parent that part of the job would be to entertain people, or solve major childhood issues, (like “what can I do I’m bored?”) whilst I was on the toilet”! Silly me, I should have known that being a mum meant that no matter where I hid I would be found. And if not by a child, then by my puppy!


I mean don’t get me wrong sometimes there is a real emergency. Like they are hungry, or can’t find something that is right in front of their faces! And sometimes it is something so worrying that they have to be reassured by mum right away like “what if I get kidnapped”?


But it is so nice to feel wanted.


Being a mum feels like living in a world of chaos, noise, mess, demands, but sometimes when we get the peace and quiet we crave it can come with its own issues!


Still parenthood is pretty awesome, I mean . . .


and I do get the occasional vacation.


And the appreciation and kind words I get from my husband make it all worth while! 


I all seriousness though I love being a mum, it doesn’t always come with thanks, but believe me it comes with its rewards. And if there are days where I feel worn down, or like giving up, I think of this . . .


And that goes for my son too. I want to be a role model to all of my children, I want them to see that some days mummy loses the plot, somedays mummy even cries, somedays she requires several coffees before she feels awake (and it may even take until the afternoon). I want them to know I am not always perfect, but I am strong and capable, I can stand confidently in life and fight for what I believe in! I want them to see that they have a mother who follows her dreams, who believes that you are capable of reaching the stars if you give life your all. I hope that I am teaching them that I don’t want them to be mini versions of their father or I, I want them to follow their own dreams, take their own paths and embrace life like it is a wondrous adventure. I am so blessed to be a mother and I’ll take all the fantastic with all the crazy, yes I’ll embrace it all.


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Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx