Having been loved by you made me realise what life was truly about. With you I felt safe, I felt understood, when I was born under a tree and left to fend for myself, I was covered in fleas and I was crying and hungry, I was scared, but then I was taken to the vet and fed and given a comfy spot to sleep with my brother. Then one day you came in and I looked at you. I saw kindness in your eyes, and you reached into my cage and you held me close where I could snuggle against your warm body. I knew I had finally found my home.

I may not have stayed long, and I know you didn’t understand why I had to leave, but our time together made my life worth living, you showed me kindness, you showed me compassion and you made me see what love truly is all about, I left this world always knowing that my brother will be loved forever and I left knowing what love feels like and that is because of you. Thank you April for loving me.

London Paw-Paw. Gone for one year, but never forgotten, forever in April’s heart.




It amazes me how much one little kitten can fill a child’s heart with such love and compassion. We only had London for such a short time and she passed due to surgery complications. Still my little girl talks about her and sometimes she still cries and when I ask her why she says she misses London.

Every animal deserves to know love.

London and her brother Toby





Toby 1 year old


Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


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