There is no denying life is a wash with colour. Sometimes we feel on top of the world and as happy  and vibrant as a yellow flower, other days we feel relaxed like a peaceful shade of lavender. There are days where everything feels as fresh as crisp green foliage after the rain, and other days we are consumed by shades of grey and melancholy.

No matter how dark some of those grey days are, there is nothing quite like the happiness of a child playing, exploring their surroundings and laughing to cheer you up. Before I had my own children I used to adore spending as much time as possible with my adorable nephews, we were always in fits of laughter, and now being a mum I can not go a day without smiling at some of the funny, bizarre, interesting and hilarious things they do.

One of the great things about hosting the Instagram Community #MummyShot along with co-host @memeandharri, is getting to choose which adorable photos to share each month, and I love that the photos can express so much without having to share our children’s full faces. This months choices have been inspired by the beautiful colours of life.

#MummyShot Favourites from July


These adorable and colourful photographs of little ones were shared by the following Instagramers, if you not familiar with their feeds please check them out . . . .

@thephdmum. @outnumberedoutdoors.

@amumreviews. @blackened_sky.

and the Featured Blog Post Photo is by @youngmamaandrosie.

Thank you to everyone who tags #mummyshot, it is such a wonderful community!


Mac xx