Another year about to end, I always get to the end of the year and wonder how it went so fast. Life just continues to fly by which is why it is so important to stop and take notice of all the things that really matter to us.

There is a saying about noticing the little things, because one day they will be the big things we look back upon. I can see some truth in this. It is easy to get wrapped up in daily life and yet when I think back upon my life the moments I remember as really mattering to me are those quiet moments of being all together as a family. Watching my children sleep, holding them when they were ill, watching them laugh with their siblings, or cousins.

Holidays are not remembered for the grand places we visited, but more for those moments where we sang along in the car on our travels, building sand castle forts and waiting for the waves to crash them down, the winter days we were walked along the deserted beach, and stopped at cafes for hot drinks and cake. Hot days where we swam in water holes, covered ourselves in bug repellent, and ate ice creams, rainy days when we were stuck inside drawing together and playing games.

They are the moments I recall, they are the moments I treasure.


Sometimes I believe we focus too much on the calendar, we put pressure on ourselves to achieve certain goals by certain dates, we say we will start something new when it hits Jan 1st. I believe we need to live more in the RIGHT NOW. Yes we can make plans and have ambitions, personal and business goals are important, but we still need to focus on today and what we want for today!

Lately I have seen on Instagram and Facebook people writing off 2016 calling it a “Bad Year.” But to me we shouldn’t write off a whole year as bad. Bad and good happen, they co exist together, and we shouldn’t get obsessed with these labels. Personally I have had hard times and fabulous times this year. And I am sure that those people calling 2016 a ‘bad year’ have had some wonderful moments too. I worry that if we take on this attitude that if something bad happens in January then we won’t look for positives for the rest of the year! It sounds extreme, but we need to remember to look for the positives in our lives, to notice them and be present in those moments.


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Life is busy, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss the beautiful moments, if you are enjoying all those things you are doing that make you busy, then being busy is a good thing. In those busy moments embrace what you are doing, enjoy it as you do it. When you cook notice the beautiful smells, when you eat take note of the flavours and the nourishment. When you are at work take pride in what you are doing, smile more, when you are bathing the kids enjoy playing with them. When you are in the car stuck in traffic turn up the music and sing along. When something bad happens greive it, feel it, but know that in each and every day there is still beauty to be found. 

Yes the year is coming to an end, but each day rolls into the next. Remember that the way you view the world and what happens to you is up to you! Start each day with a feeling of being present, embrace it and look for the good that surrounds you.

Don’t write off entire months or years as ‘bad’, yes bad will happen, but ‘great’ will happen too! Open your heart to wonderful new adventures each and every day. Make goals, and plans, but also live in the NOW. Be HERE! Notice the flowers, the birds, the smiles on a child face. Hug a loved one, enjoy the way your food tastes, smell the rain, and live fully alive! 

I highly recommend you read “Simply”

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Thank you for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

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