If we have the courage to be who we truly are, to show others our beauty, and our scars, we are giving two gifts, one to them and one to us.

I often get told that I have “it all together”, and yet those who know me well can tell you a different story, I am just as real as anyone else. One friend said to me recently “I used to think you were one of those super organised mums, but I am so glad that you are actually not”, it made me laugh. I picked up another  friend and her son to take them to a birthday party the other week, and the mum broke out into a big smile and then said, “your car is as messy as mine”!  It is funny how we feel a sense of relief when we realise we are all so similar, that we all have things we are great at, and things we are not.

Life is ‘real’, and sharing the ‘real’ version of ourselves is so important. One of the reasons I started my Instagram Community called living fearlessly authentic was to help encourage people to share real moments in their lives. Happy, sad, messy, or gorgeous moments that make up our life! One of those real moments this week was so inspiring that I just had to share it with you!  This passage below is a quote from a gorgeous blogging friend of mine Tor from Teacuptoria.co.uk . She shared this, and the photograph below, with me in my Living Fearlessly Authentic community this week.

“I have been inspired this week by an amazing young lady on “First Dates’ called Eve who removed her wig on a first date with a young man. She has guts and beauty from the inside as well as outside and has been such an inspiration for other alopecia sufferers struggling to be quite so brave. In a society obsessed with with looks and image, it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone, especially such a young woman, laying herself bare like that.

Thanks to ve & her proud mum for giving me a little bit of courage to put this picture up.”

Image credit @teacuptoria

Thank you Tor for always inspiring me. Tor also draws amazingly, and gave me this gift (that I am sure most of you will recognise) quite a while ago and I still adore it, thanks beautiful!

“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” 

~ Emma Stone

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