Sometimes I regret not keeping a better record of when my children were smaller, time seems to have gotten away from us all quicker than I anticipated. I brought a journal a couple of years ago titled “things my kids say” in the hope I would write down things that I wanted to remember forever, funny, hilarious, child like things that captured their unique personalities. I think I only wrote in it a couple of times, an example of good intentions not carried through.

I didn’t even know blogging existed when my children were tiny. Aspen was already 10 years old before I discovered this big wide world of blogs. I wish I had known about them sooner, maybe I wouldn’t have started one then, but it would have been great to get advice, and not feel so isolated. Then again, maybe I would have started one sooner and now I would have a better record of those early years.

What is a record anyway, is it photographs, or words that make up stories when strung together? Or are records simply held in our memories? There is so much I remember, but other things I don’t recall unless I look back at images, or things jotted in their baby books. I must admit I was better at keeping Aspen’s baby books up to date, I had a photograph of her in every outfit, and endless video, I have less of April and even less of Adam. The more children I had the slacker I became at keeping records. It is not a measure of love, perhaps just a measure of how busy my life became as we added to our family.

I was reflecting the other day about whether I should share photographs of my children online, or share stories that involve, or are about them. Is it wrong? Even though they are happy for me to do so, can they really make informed choices at their age, probably not! I guess I don’t look at what I share as being public, and yet in reality it is. To me it feels more like I am talking to myself through typing these words, but I guess that is naive. My blog is not solely a ‘mummy blog’ though, I don’t only write about them. It isn’t really a blog about anything in particular, just me, reflecting and thinking on paper, (or a keyboard). I am not sure if they will one day say “mummy I wish you didn’t write that“. I hope though that they are happy to have this little record of their life, and of their mummy’s life. I hope if they ever read this they will know me a little better, and hopefully it will inspire them to follow their own dreams, and not be afraid to share their own stories with authenticity.

For now I will ponder this, and hope I am making the right decision for them and for me.

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