I am not quite sure how Easter snuck up on me, but it truly has! I feel totally unprepared! So today I have made it my mission to get my “Easter game face on!” Yes I am going to be Easter ready when Sunday morning rolls around.

The first job has to be to actually buy Easter eggs, because as much as it would be nice if a fluffy bunny actually delivered eggs I just don’t think that is going to happen. That dream was shattered about 30 years ago! So I must head to the shops and stock up on chocolate eggs. I don’t particularly fancy my kids getting wheelbarrow loads of chocolate, but I think they would be disappointed to go egg hunting on Sunday only to find fresh fruit hidden all over the garden.

But Easter isn’t just about chocolate or a bunny and depending on your beliefs Easter can hold a lot of religious significance. But regardless of eggs, bunny rabbits, or  Jesus, Easter is also a great time to enjoy being with family and friends and celebrating life! So for today’s Interior Design post I am going to focus on how to decorate your interior for Easter entertaining.

 When decorating for any occasion the most important rules are;

  • Stick to your allocated budget. Make sure you know what your budget is. If you head to the shops without knowing it is easy to spend too much.
  • Make a list of what you want before heading out to the shops, or shopping online. When you start looking at all the gorgeous things it is way too easy to over spend, so have a list and stick to it, well at least as much as possible.
  • Have fun! Be playful, be brave and bold, make choices you love and don’t overthink it too much.

Once you have worked out your budget it is time to get designing! To get ideas check out Pinterest, below I have popped some links for you to get some Easter themed inspiration. Just click on the links and take a look at some amazing Easter ideas. Or head to Pinterest and type in a search to suit your needs, such as;

  • Easter Table Settings
  • Easter Crafts
  • Easter Ideas

Click on these links for more Pinterest ideas. 


The Little Big Company

Table Scapes

Easter Table Scapes 

Sonoe Kinoshita


Bed Bath ‘n Table,  image credit below from Bedbathntable.com.au 

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.33.20 pm

When setting up your table for Easter start by thinking how colourful you want it, what feel are you trying to create. Is it for kids? If so think either soft pastels with bright pops of colour, or just go super colourful and have fun! If it is more a sophisticated party go for white hues with a touch of gold, silver or rose gold. Add in a soft lemon, or blue. See my Instagram @macglanville for the soft white and lemon plate setting I posted the other day.

My other tip is to bring the outside in! This works well for any table setting, but it is fabulous for Easter themed settings because Easter makes us think of egg hunting outdoors and bunny rabbits. Adding greenery works perfectly! Think vines, long stems in jars, or fresh flowers with whites, pinks or yellows.

By using outdoor garden signs you can create great personal messages for your guests.


Candles also add a great atmosphere, if the table setting is for children make sure they are old enough to not play with them. By using a tea light candle in a jar it is safer than candlesticks with an exposed flame. For an adult dinner party think longer, more elegant candles, shops like Dusk now make non drip candles too. If you are looking for Easter themed candles they have a range of these too.

Mix and match. It is so on trend now to mix and match, plates, cutlery, and even tea cups don’t have to match anymore. In fact it is trendy to deliberately buy different patterns and even colours. If you are serving cups of tea give everyone a different tea cup and use a gorgeous patterned tea pot!

Check out my super cute bunny in a tea cup. 


Place cards. It can be lovely to add a personal touch by adding place cards so people know where to sit, and this can avoid any confusion. Make place cards Easter themed, or even let your kids help out by drawing bunnies or chicks on them! If you are feeling brave let them add glitter or use feathers.

Be Organised. Try and give yourself loads of time to get everything ready so that when guests arrived you are not stressed, If guests see you relaxed then they will real too. Greet them at the door and have a refreshment on hand to give them and of course one for yourself. Make sure you don’t go overboard making it too stressful for yourself, you want to enjoy this too!

With a few sweet Easter themed pieces your table will look amazing, remember to stick to that budget and don’t get stressed out. If you are crafty then make your own buntings and centrepieces to save money, and if you are not then shop smart, a lot of stores have already got sales on their Easter decorations. See what you can borrow from friends or family too, and if someone offers to help accept it.

Here are a few more Easter pics and ideas;


hang little decorations in your garden for guests to see as they approach your home.


Krispy Creme donuts may not be the healthy choice, but can look super yummy and cute for your Easter table.





Hopefully this has given you some inspiration. Even if it is just  you and one other person you can still make it a little bit more fun by adding that special touch to your home this Easter. Feel free to share some tips with my readers and I below.

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx


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