What would you do right now if you were guaranteed not to fail? In your heart, and deep in your gut you know what you want to achieve, but sometimes we feel we just don’t have time to make it happen. But what if we do?

If you managed to catch my Living Fearlessly Authentic post last week you will know I spoke about planting seeds, or more specifically about how to realise our dreams, nurture them and allow them to grow. I received a comment that I would love to share with you.

“Beautiful post, and so true! My problem is having time for my ‘seeds’, as well as everything else(work, kids, house, garden…..), any tips?????”

I wanted to share this question with you because I think most of us feel this way, I don’t have all the answers and I can’t make time stretch, or offer extra hours in a day (I wish I could), but here is my response to this question.

“I know exactly what you mean, my tip is to realise what really matters in life and make time for it. We often say we are time poor, and we are, but when something really matters we have to make time for it a priority. If we try to juggle too many things we become overwhelmed. Obviously kids take priority, but we also have to remember ‘our’ dreams truly matter! If you have a seed that you really want to plant, then you have to carve out time for it. Even if it is a matter of finding just ten minutes a day most days of the week, you can start to nurture that seed and help it grow. It isn’t a race, every moment of time we dedicate to our seed makes a huge difference in the end.”

I sometimes think even if I had more hours in the day I would still waste most of them, or pour time into things that don’t nurture my dreams. We need to think about where we waste time in our day, or more to the point, where we could better use the time we have. For example could we watch less TV, or iron less things, perhaps we could get up half an hour earlier, or even cut out some of the kids extra circular activities that they are not so keen on anyway?

When we really want something we need to find some time for it, whether that is more time to exercise, more time to read a book, more time to write a book, or time to catch up with a friend. We can not get more time, but we can be more conscious of how we want to spend our time in order to make the most of it.

I also loved this comment on my post last week.

“Love this! Nurtured a seed to move to France and 3 weeks ago did just that. Feel so at peace now I have followed that dream.”

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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