3 weeks of winter time school holidays have come to an end, happily we all survived, (yes even the puppy although she is a little traumatised). The kids are all still talking to each other, and to us, and we are even still talking to them. So to celebrate our families survival I thought I’d share with you a list of our holiday highs. 

Sleeping in, yes my kids actually let me sleep in on school holidays, love it!

Watching the kids bond and spend quality time together.

Playing games as a family. We discovered that UNO is one of the games we can happily play as a family without anyone fighting, and yes even the puppy plays.


Day trips are awesome. Setting off early and making a whole day of it is well worth it. (Just stock the car with lots of things to do and pack snacks).


Catching up with friends who we just didn’t get to catch up with during the busy school term.

No homework for the kids and no out of school activities meant we had relaxed evenings where we could be together as a family.

Having family stay, we had my nephews and niece stay with us and my sister in law, it was great to see all the cousins together.

Not having to stress if the kids didn’t get early nights. It was great just letting go of the strict schedule and throwing caution to the wind (within reason).

Catching up at Kids parties. We had a few parties over the holidays, I think the mums had as much fun as the kids!

Sleep overs. It may be more chaotic, but it’s great watching my children spend time with their best friends over the holidays and it brings back fun memories of when I was their age.

Not having to make school lunches x 3.

My favourite thing about the holidays is just seeing the kids make their own fun, letting them have free play and watching them play together. I loved seeing what they chose to do. Aspen spent lots of time drawing or with her Barbie Dolls. April loved reading and playing Lego. Adam loved games, board games, and his UNO obsession or battling mummy on the Wii U playing Mario Chase. They also spent lots of time making funny movies on the iPad.

What about you? Did you enjoy the holidays? What do you love about school holidays, or what don’t you love? Share you thoughts with me in the comment section below, or Tweet me @macglanville. See lots of my holiday pics on Instagram @macglanville or check out my day trips post.  

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


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