Don’t we owe ourselves, as much as we believe we owe others? The obvious answer would be ‘yes’ wouldn’t it? Yet we are often left feeling guilty if we actually give ourselves as much, or more than we give to others. We fear people will judge us, or we will miss out on opportunities if we say no to people, or turn down invitations to social events, family get-togethers, or work events.

Sometimes saying no is actually saying yes to ourselves, it is allowing us to take a a night off from commitments and actually just allowing our minds, or bodies to rest.

We don’t want to be passed over at work, or miss out on that fun night, (that isn’t actually that fun, it is just how the selected photos on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram make it look)! We don’t want to hear our mother, or which ever relative it may be, telling us for the next month how we let her down by missing the family event, or how we embarrassed her by not showing up. It is not about anyone else, it is about you! I mean have we actually forgotten that this is ‘our life to live’!

Everyone has an opinion on what we “should” be doing, or what we “should not” be doing! It is our choice how to live our own lives, we know in our gut what feels right for us, yet we ignore it time after time just to please others.

There are times where we really need advice, support and help from loved ones, where we ask them what we should do because we feel lost, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as we know that they truly have our best interest in their heart. Even then, we need to keep in mind that the end decision is ours to make! We need to feel we are making a choice that fits our morals and our passions, and also that we are making a choice based on our own self-care and wellbeing.

Ask yourself!

How would it feel to trust that you know what is right for you?

How would it feel to say how you really feel and what you mean?

We are the ones that live with our choices. We need to decide what is the right fit for where we are right now, and for the future we want to have, but we also need to consider our mental and physical health along the way. We need to ensure we are going forth healthy, informed and with our eyes wide open. Trust yourself, trust how you feel, trust that you know you better than anyone else. Now go and live a fearlessly authentic life! 

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