When I decided to trade in ‘caring about others opinions of me,’ for ‘living my authentic truth‘, a few things happened that I didn’t expect.

I was not at all expecting to really start liking who I was, and I would never have thought that eventually I could actually say “I love who I am“. I also became more creative, or at least became willing to share the creative side of myself with not only those closest to me, but through starting this blog (another thing I NEVER would have been brave enough to do), I now share my writing to any one who wants to read what I have to say.

I learnt more about what truly matters to me, what I am passionate about, compared to what I was only doing in order to gain other people’s approval and acceptance.

You are never truly accepted unless you are accepted for who you actually are. It is simply a false sense of security that you are living with. 

I learnt that happiness is here and now, each and every day has become an opportunity for me to look for the things that make me happy, when I stopped searching for the things that I thought would make me happy and actually focused on what does make me happy it opened up my world.

I learnt that success is not what makes me happy, it is happiness that makes me successful.


I found out that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. This had made me more willing to take on challenges, made me more confident and happier.

Life is full of the unexpected, and the past 3 years in particular have been a big surprise to me. Where I used to fear change, I can now embrace it, welcome it, and even be so thankful for it. I think for me that is one of the biggest surprises, I never thought I would want to come out of my cocoon, I truly believed I was content being a worm, that becoming a butterfly didn’t matter to me. Now that I have found my wings I am so glad that I took the leap to living true to my soul, to living an authentic life. Why? Well put simply the view from here is pretty spectacular.

It is not because I am living the ‘perfect‘ life, it is because I am living with truth. I am living perfectly imperfect and facing challenges with honestly. I am following my own path, it isn’t always easy, old habits are hard to break and I have ups and downs. We all have our own path to follow, so I wish for you to step off the edge of your comfort zone and follow yours.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or your journey’s, are you happy, are you following your heart? Do you struggle to leave your comfort zone?

Please leave me a comment below.

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx