What does living fearlessly authentic mean to you?

To me it encapsulates being comfortable enough to share the real you. We are often tempted to live up to other people’s expectations, and what we falsely believe will impress others.

Of course we all want to be liked and accepted, it is human nature to want to fit in. But we are often mislead by outside pressures, media, and advertising campaigns to believe in order for others to accept us, or like us, we need to ‘be’ a certain way, ‘dress’ a certain way, and ‘look’ a certain way.

But think about it, were the people who were impressed by your outfit, or car, the ones who are really important to you? My true friends, the people who mean the absolute most to me, are not looking to be impressed by a designer handbag, they are looking for me to be honest with them, to be loyal, trustworthy, to care for them, to show compassion towards them during tough times, and laugh, and celebrate the good things with them!

I am never more happy than when I am being me, truly me. When I am living with the fear of showing my true self, I am not happy. Are you?

Like everyone I want to be accepted, but I will not compromise my values, and I will not pretend to be someone else in order for others to like me. We may want to be liked, but we want to be liked for being us, not someone we are pretending to be. Do you agree?

Now for this weeks Living Fearlessly Authentic Round Up.

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