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Magical memories




There really is nothing more magical for me than the time I get to share with my family. It is easy to take life for granted as we get on with what needs doing. But on a family vacation we really get to enjoy our children and our partner without all the hussle and bustle of work and school.

Our weekend was pretty magical. On Saturday we went to a beach that had massive sand dunes and all climbed them and used them as a great big slide it was so much fun acting like a big kid myself. Then we went swimming in the waves. On Sunday we found another beautiful beach that was more hidden away. I was just getting into my bathers when my eight year old April came running up from the shore saying she had found a dolphin. I thought she meant a toy that she had perhaps found left behind from another child that may have visited the beach. Imagine my surprise when there was a pod of dolphins jumping out of the ocean right near the shore! We dived into the water, I couldn’t believe we were swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat, it was truly a magical experience! I felt so blessed to share this moment with my children.

We spent ages in the calm waters and I loved just floating over the swell of the waves. I had a chance to enjoy reading a chick-lit book I bought whilst on holidays and then enjoyed getting all sandy whilst making sandcastles. The kids are just getting on fabulously too, for a moment hubby and I just stood watching them defending their fort from the waves, trying to add more sand to keep their fort intact. It was beautiful just watching them work as a team as they giggled away just enjoying life.

What did you get up to on the weekend? Check out my profound moment post to see some more pics and the dolphin pics.

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

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Looks wonderful, I would love to see Dolphins 🙂 #pointshoot x

Mommy's Little Princesses

Oh wow your holiday is perfect in every way. Swimming with dolphins in there natural habitat must have been outta this world!xx

Em @ snowingindoors

What wonderful photos, and fancy seeing real dolphins?! Sounds like a perfect holiday, thanks for linking up xx

Baby Isabella

Sounds magical. Loving the size of those sand dunes too! Woweeee. Great piccys #PointShoot x

Mrs Tubbs

Real dolphins! Wow, I’ve always wanted to see dolphins. Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing. (And for hosting each week)

Angela at Daysinbed

This sure looks like fun! It reminds me of my younger years when I went to the sand dunes in New Zealand near my home with my family! Nostagic! VIsiting from #pointshoot

Angela xx


When can I come? It is grey and rainy in London and I could do with a trip to Australia…right now, in fact!


That sounds ideallic, dolphins and children getting along, is surely doesn’t get any better xxx

Rosie @ Little Fish

Oh wow – sounds like you’ve had an amazing time as a family. How fantastic to swim with the dolphins! Fantastic! Lovely photos. x


Oh how beautiful, what a lovely weekend!

You Baby Me Mummy

Gorgeous photos lovely. Looks like you all had a ball. Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

Clare @ Maybush Studio

What is it about beaches? I absolutely love them too. I think there’s something about the acres of space that makes you want to run around!

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