Okay so this is my morning, wake up to 3 miserable children, that’s right not 1 or 2 of the 3 all 3, I mean seriously.

Number 1 child, is 10 year old Aspen, gorgeous, intelligent and talented, but to put it mildly a ‘sensitive soul’, she steps on the carpet and suddenly her foot is in pain this morning, now I don’t know about you other mums out there but I find it so hard to judge between when they are a bit sick or hurt, and a lot sick or hurt. So Aspen is crying and limping around all morning ‘it really hurts!’ Okay I believe that it hurts, but what am I to do, I examine the foot and nothing there, no mark, no bruise, no swelling, nothing, zip! After some panadol and hugs mixed with sympathy we finally made it to school, just as the classes were filing in, she is still miserable, the full emotional appeal upon me, so I’m thinking am I just the worst mother in the world, what if she really has a problem with this foot? Will I get a call from sick bay within 20 minutes? Oh oops I left my phone at home! When I finally got home relief hits, no missed calls from school, yey!

So let me introduce you to child number 2, another sweet girl, this one is 7 and named April, she’s one of those sweethearts with big blue eyes and long eyelashes, she is smart and she is really funny, but in a dry, sarcastic sense of humour way. She had a visit from the tooth fairy last night, her bed side drawers and face are covered in pink glitter this morning (my favorite thing is cleaning up glitter, NOT, thanks tooth fairy), so you would think she’d be happy this morning, but no she is in tears and doesn’t know why, oh yes all my children are ‘sensitive souls’ and they don’t get it from me! (Okay yes they totally get it from me!!!!!)

Then comes number 3, a boy, yes I mean boy, loves Nerf guns, cars, and annoying his sisters, but also has crawled his way into my heart as he is so full of kisses and hugs, and telling me he loves me, (what mother could resist that when it’s accompanied by the cutest face ever?) His name is Adam and he just turned 5 last month. He has an ear infection and is on antibiotics, but yesterday was running around fine, gets to kinder today and he clings on to me, silent tears, so I give in and he’s at home, oh my gosh, light bulb moment, am I just the typical mum who sends the eldest child to school crying and lets the baby stay home? Of course now he is home, he is just fine, playing lego and making me build marble tracks.

On top of my 3 crying children, we had a dog we couldn’t let out in the backyard to do his morning wee (and number twos), because the chickens had escaped their pen, all except 1, she happily remained in her hen house trying to hatch an egg, which will never hatch as we don’t have a Rooster, (sorry for the reality check Claudia), the other 4 chickens were enjoying their early morning wander around our backyard eating my plants. So after chasing chickens, and dealing with the morning chaos, I finally managed a coffee at 11.00am and I took a moment to really smell it and thank silently the heavens for good coffee. (I’m sure I am not alone in this!)


So this is me, my name is Mackenzie, I am 38 and a mum, and I love, love, love to write, so this is my Blog. It has no particular direction, it’s just me, raw, honest, real, a mum living on the outskirts of suburban life. So I welcome you to join me and my three little A’s, and my hubby on this journey. I’m a kinder/school mum, a yummy mummy who sometimes is a little insane and loses the plot from time to time, don’t we all? (I hope I’m not the only one, or this is seriously embarrassing!)

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx