Our family is getting a puppy! Needless to say we have some very excited children in our house right now, one of which is ME! My hubby seems to be the only sensible person left in this house. Our little girl (puppy), is named Holly and she needed a home, so we are adopting her.

rubyMeet Holly, the sensational blogging dog (OK maybe that’s going too far!)

OK I am just warning you now, this blog is a little dog crazy today!

We have thought about having a dog for years, but the timing never quite seemed right, we were tempted to adopt another pup without a home about 18 months ago, but we talked my parents into taking him. Over that time we have babysat my parents dog a lot, we are his second home when my parents travel, or have appointments, he is part of our family. So we are not going into this with starry eyes, we know it can be hard work, will require lots of patience, love, attention and a lot of training. Not to mention lots of accidents to clean up and poop to scoop.

We went to the Pet store today, actually a couple of Pet stores so we could get some good advice and ask lots of questions, I also visited our local Vet too. My hubby, the sensible one, read every food label in sight, whilst I picked out the cutest, softest, pink bed I could find, (I’m such a girly girl), and the sweetest dog bowl, place-matt, and treat container, OK I may be a little over excited. I was sensible too though I promise, I looked at grooming items and most importantly I bought a car restraint for her to keep her safe on her travels. It is a strap that attaches to the car’s seatbelt and the dog’s harness. It is truly unbelievable how much you could spend if you had the cash and the desire, from walls of toys, and every collar imaginable, we even found Nerf toys for dogs, my five year old son was impressed by that! I have to admit the Tiffany blue bed with Tiffany bow was pretty cute, but a little pricey!

It all came about a little unexpectedly, yes we had discussed getting a dog, one of the main reasons was we thought it would be great for the children to grow up with a family pet, besides the chickens. A cat doesn’t quite work with chickens and we wanted something more interactive than fish. We have watched how attached they have become to our part-time dog, and how good they are with him, so we had looked into rescuing a dog, but my hubby still wasn’t sure about the full-time commitment. Then I got the call, a little girl needed a home, I had wanted a girl and she was a Moodle, which I love because they don’t shed hair everywhere. I couldn’t resist I said yes, and then had to break the news to my hubby. His face was a sight, lets just say priceless, but he does think it will be great for the family, and when he met her he had to admit she is the sweetest thing ever! Holly is the runt of the litter, the underdog, and she is a little fighter. It just felt like it was all meant to be, the kids are old enough now to treat her gently and play with her, and with one of us always home she will have lots of company. A great friend of ours is adopting her sister Rosie, so they can stay friends, and I will be blogging with Holly next to me.

To be honest I have never been a huge dog lover, but sometimes the unexpected can turn out pretty wonderful, and I am hopelessly in love with this little girl. So that is our family news of the day, I couldn’t resist sharing!

3pup_behindHolly, Bandit and Rosie

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

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Photographs by Mackenzie Glanville, taken when we visited Holly last week.

ruby04011510Aspen holding Holly


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