Today was a beautiful day because you were in my life. When morning broke you came into my bed and curled up under my arm just as you have done your entire life. Unlike you sisters you were born via Caesarean, you were early, so you began your life with a quick cuddle and then you were placed in a special nursery until you were strong enough. I held your tiny hand through the little hole in your crib as I watched you so full of love and pride. My third born, but my first and only little boy.

The next time I actually got to hold you I was laying in the hospital bed and the midwife placed you in my arms, I held you just as I held you this morning. I breathed you in and fell completely in love with you. You are only seven now, and I know you will one day be to big for these cuddles, but for now, and however long they last I will cherish these moments. And I will cherish our bond for an entire lifetime. You are truly loved.

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