with decluttering you are essentially clearing away things you no longer need in your life, and inviting in new and wonderful moments

I have written many times about decluttering and how it can help free your mind, as well as free space up in your home. Here are some of my previous posts if you would like to take a look; 


Recently I was chatting with a friend about some renovations she is undertaking in her home and she asked me what I thought about her converting her large roof space into a storage area. My gut reaction was to say ‘no, don’t do it.” Why? I mean we all need stage space right? Yes we do, but how much is too much storage space? Some may say there is never enough, but I disagree. One thing I have found out after several homes and several moves was the more space I had to store, the more I brought and the more meaningless items I hung on to!”   

I am a sentimental person and it is easy for me to accumulate way too much ‘stuff’! My last home was one I designed and so I made sure that there was loads of storage. It was brilliant, when I first moved in my cupboards were organised and I had so much left over room in my oversized kitchen. By the time we moved out my cupboards were bursting with things I hardly used. Now maybe you have better self control, but I am sure many of you know what I mean.

Sometimes in life we need to stop and evaluate what really matters to us, what things are making us truly happy, and what things are we hanging on to that are just gathering dust for no reason. Ask yourself am I happy in this space? What things are making me feel crowded and uncomfortable? What things are bringing me joy?


As we grow, we change, new people enter our lives, we start new careers or become parents, we travel, we gather new experiences and insights, change is a beautiful thing if you allow yourself to embrace it. It is OK to let go of the past and embrace new beginnings.


Here is an exert from a post I wrote about downsizing and decorating when I was getting ready to move. In this paragraph I was referring to how I felt about having to declutter before moving, 


“I would describe it as a cleansing experience. It felt good to clear cupboards of clutter, and donate things that although were still perfectly good, we just no longer had room for in our lives. It almost makes you embarrassed when you look at the amount of things we purchase that are unnecessary, even clothes, I mean how many outfits do we need, do our kids need? I felt getting rid of the clutter was like a cleaning out of my soul. I grieved over the baby clothes that I would never need again, I held teddy bears that I had kept from my own childhood and said goodbye to them as I boxed them up to donate. I poured through old photo albums and only kept the photographs that really meant the most to me. It was like saying goodbye to the past and allowing room for new adventures and fresh air to flow into our lives. It actually felt amazing”.


Maybe it is time for you to embrace change, to let go of the things that hold you back and clutter up your life and home? What do you think? 

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


If you are downsizing, moving or just wanting to declutter make sure you check out some of my previous posts that I have mentioned in this post by simply clicking on the highlighted text. 

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