A smile is your greatest asset, it is your cutest accessory, and your best friend! When someone walks by you and smiles it catches and then you smile. You then smile at the next person and they catch it. Pretty amazing when you think about it! Just by smiling at one person you can make hundreds of people smile everyday! It feels great to smile and you know what it looks fabulous on you!

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For this weeks Friday Reflection Prompt I have chosen to list 30 things that make me smile. 

  1. When my son Adam giggles, it is the sweetest sound in the world.
  2. When Aspen sings.
  3. April talking to herself out on the deck when she thinks no one is watching. She makes up these cute dance routines and chats away, adorable.
  4. When my hubby buys me koko black chocolate. Dark salted caramel is to (die) smile for!!!!!
  5. Not when Holly pee’s on my yoga mat! OK it kind of made me smile, I could see the funny side, but no more peeing on my mat cheeky puppy!
  6. Walking through crisp Autumn leaves.
  7. Writing this list, it’s enlightening.
  8. Writing my dog blog, oops I mean I don’t write it Holly-Rose does, she is a genius puppy (who pee’s on my yoga mat).
  9. Reading comments on my blog posts, it always makes my day that people come by and comment, so thanks!
  10. Working on my novel, watching my characters come to life.
  11. Playing board games from my childhood with my children, my hubby gets so competitive it’s hilarious. The kids love games, (yes even the big kids).
  12. Cuddles with my children, always warms the heart. When the bed is full of cuddles on the weekends, seriously 5 of us and a puppy, that’s jam packed!
  13. The reaction on my children’s faces when they heard we were getting a real life puppy!!! They couldn’t believe it , especially Aspen, it was a dream come true!
  14. Eating Thai food.
  15. Exercise, surprisingly, I have started my mission of exercise every day this week to see how I feel, and I’m loving it!
  16. Writing for my Link-Up, yes I am smiling right now, so proud of Janine and myself, and all of you who link up.
  17. Working as a Life Guide, I love helping others find inner peace and happiness.
  18. Coffee with the school mums, we have the best chats and laughs, so happy I have met amazing women through my children’s school.
  19. Shopping. Is this bad? Is consumerism bad? Yes it is isn’t it? But I truly get a buzz from buying cute new outfits. I love shopping with my sister and mum the most!
  20. On that note my Tiffany necklace makes me smile, I know I want to hang my head in shame, but I love it!
  21. Holidays, especially Winter holidays. Yes I am mad, that was obvious already right? But we are a Winter kind of family. Hubby and I prefer the quietness of the beach, the wild weather, hot drinks, warm fires, rainy lazy days, just divine.
  22. Childhood memories, especially snorkelling with my dad, it was our time, although the time I came across the stingray kind of freaked me out! Dad said he had never seen me swim so fast back to shore.
  23. Singing. I love, love, love to sing. Music loud, me and my fabulous (OK not so fabulous) voice singing away. Such fun!
  24. Girl’s weekends. Hanging out in a 5 star hotel with my besties in our bath robes, catching up on goss is awesome. Love doing this with my mum and sister too.
  25. High tea, on the topic of indulgence, I love a high tea. Why? Because I love food, and yummy finger sandwiches. Once a year a few mums get together with our daughters and we head to a kids themed high tea, it is so wonderful. All the little girls dressed up, so sweet.
  26. Blogging. I have met so many amazing people who make me smile and warm my heart.
  27. Taking photographs.
  28. Being silly. You know that feeling when you feel so comfortable with someone that you can be who you really are with that person. You can just act like the weirdo you are and they get it, and you can just be weird together,r and laugh, and be so silly, and not even care.
  29. Doing my strange voices. I do these weird impressions and I pretend the dog talks, (my family all think I am so strange, and well, I guess you do too now.  I mean what sane person has a dog who blogs?” In my defence at least the chickens aren’t blogging . . . . . . . hmmm now there’s a thought . . . . . . just kidding). But yes I do these voices and the kids laugh and laugh and it’s fun. And I love that they are not embarrassed by me . . . .YET!
  30. Love.


So there are my 30 things that make me smile off the top of my head. I could probably name a gazillion more, smiling is awesome, smiling is super fun. We should all do it more often, ‘they’ say (whoever ‘they‘ are), that smiling is contagious.I always feel happier when someone smiles at me. You know when you get the nice shop assistant, or that random person on he street just smiles, it is so nice.


What makes you smile? Go on write a list, you may be surprised how many wonderful things you can think of. I would love you to leave me a comment, tweet me and let me know what you smiled about today! (Plus your comments make me smile)!  Even better come by Instagram and show me your smiling photograph.

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This weeks prompts 13 March 

Reflect on your first love. Was it a positive or negative experience and why?
List 30 things that make you smile.
 “Shine with all you have. When someone tries to blow you out, just take their oxygen and burn brighter.” –Katelyn S.Irons


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Next weeks prompts for Friday 20th March are as follows


  • Write a letter to your teenage self.
  • Write about 5 things you are grateful for this week.
  • Image Quote: “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” Vince Lombardi
  • Bonus Prompt: As part of #1000Speak (1000 bloggers reflecting on anti-bullying on 20 March 2015)  reflect on the topic ‘Building from Bullying’ in a positive and compassionate light.