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what if you are enough?

Am I enough?  Me. The person I am. The girl, now a woman, is she really enough? To outsiders, or just people I kept at arms length I looked so confident. The truth is I didn’t want anyone to see the real me, I was scared that if people got too close they would see […] Read more

A space to recharge

Home is one of my favourite places to be, sure I love travel and want to do so much more of it, and sure I love hanging out with friends, (I am lucky to have some awesome ones), but for me home is not only where my heart is, it is where my soul is […] Read more

I’m happy for my mum

Religion is not something I usually write about on my blog, I guess because for me my belief is that I accept everyone equally. To me it doesn’t matter what religion you were baptised into, what colour your skin is, or what country you were born in, to me it is the person that you […] Read more

Divergence of the mind #mg

Sometimes life in my head feels like a battlefield. There is at times a great divide between the emotional me and what I know intellectually.  There are things I know to be true about myself because the ‘evidence is there‘ and intellectually I can not argue that! But my emotional brain wants so desperately to […] Read more

I may complain, but gosh I feel so lucky

My kids are crazy, you know that ‘good kind of crazy‘, and if you know me, well let’s just say you would understand why they are so crazy. I may moan about how they don’t go to BED, or how they have so many little toys that I am in danger of stepping on and […] Read more

Battle of Bedtime!

What is it with kids and bedtime? Why does it have to be a continuous nightmare around here? My kids are pretty fab, I am lucky, I mean they actually eat vegetables, so I am one of those lucky mums! OK well Adam complains and sometimes at age 6 I will still spoon feed him […] Read more

best laid plans

There is nothing better when you have felt run down and exhausted than taking a holiday, or at the very least a mini break. Only plans don’t always go the way you intended do they? Life has a funny way of presenting you with both up’s and down’s you were not expecting. So you roll […] Read more

what to do when things get to be ‘too much’

  Everyone has ‘those days‘ where they feel like things are just too much! Days where little frustrations feel like big ones, and things that normally you would not let bother you become the thing that tips you over the edge! Everyone has those days, you are not alone. Sometimes realising you are not alone […] Read more

fantasy land

In fantasy land we may have a really tidy home, we may even have a colour coordinated dressing room and pantry complete with labels on everything. Of course in our car there would be no rubbish hiding under the seat, and if you opened up the linen cupboard you would only find perfectly ironed and […] Read more

the truth should be treated with caution

Is it always best to tell the truth? Really think about it. I mean I guess our natural instinct should be to answer “yes”, shouldn’t it? But is it? The thing about the truth is that it is a powerful tool, a healer, and also a weapon. It can set you free, but it can […] Read more