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Let’s just say I was pretty happy when the latest addition to my outdoors arrived. I am in love. I have been dreaming of one of these for a long time. It was worth the wait. It is so comfy and perfect for snuggling up with one of my kids too. I am aiming for […] Read more

Is happiness eluding you? #mg

Happiness is something unique to each of us, what we believe will make us happy, and what will actually make us happy is an individual experience. Happiness eludes so many of us, and we ask ourselves why? We wonder why do others seem happier than us, and what is their secret? Mistakenly we often believe […] Read more

Sometimes the most simple actions are all you need to begin with

“Peace begins with a smile” Mother Teresa Such a simple quote, yet sometimes simple words, or simple actions can say more than a thousand words can ever express.   Sometimes the most simple actions are all you need to begin with. You smile at someone and you change their day. A smile makes someone feel like […] Read more

trees and trampolining #mg

As you may know I have been trying to work out what to do with my blank canvas of a back yard! I actually received some great, and helpful comments from some of my readers, I loved Katy’s advice  “If you can wait, I would suggest putting off making any big plans until you’ve been […] Read more

Life as a blogger

  Had someone said to me 2 years ago I would be a blogger I would have looked at them very strangely, the reason being I had never even heard of a blog! I had never read one, and I had no idea what was involved in being a blogger. In October 2014 I finally […] Read more

we worry so much about things, don’t we? #mg

  I sent my friend a text earlier asking how Saturday went, as I had received a frantic message from her on Saturday. Basically her husband had received tickets to an Under The Stars Gala in a very exclusive area where all the ‘rich’ people hang out, the tickets were worth a fortune and he […] Read more

What to do in our garden?

  This weekend Spring truly greeted us and it was so lovely to say hello. The air was so warm and it was great to get out into the backyard. We moved into this home in May this year and soon after we welcomed winter. So we haven’t started our back garden yet. Now that […] Read more

dare to believe #mg

  “She decided to start living the life she’d imagined” Kobi Yamada   This was the life I imagined, and it took me a long time to realise that I deserved to follow my dream. We waste so much time not following our dreams, or not believing that we are worthy of good things. But […] Read more

is friendship more important than love in a marriage?

    I stared at this quote for quite a while. It sat there on my screen and it just made me wonder whether I agree or disagree with it. There were other things I could write about, I didn’t have to choose this one. Yet it had my focus. I often take part in […] Read more

what is a home?

    I remember when my home didn’t feel like home, when it felt like a lonely and scary place, I remember that I didn’t want to go home, I’d do all I could do to stay away, I didn’t feel nurtured, beautiful or inspired, so I guess it wasn’t a home then at all! […] Read more