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the thing about life is we can’t control it #mg

  Are you willing to be Vulnerable? Are you willing to open yourself up to those around you? To show them the real you? Are you willing to be authentic? The truth is many of us are not. The thought of being vulnerable terrifies us. We want to control situations and there outcomes, we want […] Read more

Are you living? Or simply existing?

  open your heart to new possibilities gaze at the stars travel somewhere new follow your passion walk on the beach paint a picture make a new friend dance with the wind in your hair fall in love with your life   There are so many factors that make up how we feel about our […] Read more

Mackenzie joins in the TMI tag

  Ok so before you settle in, why not start with coffee, or a cup of tea? Then again maybe you might like a glass of wine? Get cozy because  . . . . .  Today is all about getting TOO MUCH INFORMATION about me! Most months I join in with the Vlog Stars linky. […] Read more

Looking at Regret #mg

  Are you living with regret?   Take a moment and ask yourself these questions. Perhaps jot down the questions and when you have a quiet few minutes write down your thoughts and responses. Do you have any regrets? Do you let your regrets hold you back, or do you use them to empower you to […] Read more

Mess is fun . . . . right?

  There is a funny thing that happens when you have children, you may relate? When you tidy up it only seems to last ten minutes. I am not quite sure how it happens? It doesn’t matter how long you spend cleaning, it really makes no difference. You can vacuum, dust, scrub the texta of […] Read more

But first breathe

  But first breathe . . . . .   This is your time to relax, to just be still. Relax, it is OK to let go and just be here. Be present in this moment. There is no need to rush.  Allow yourself to breathe deeply. To notice the things around you. Allow yourself […] Read more

mini chefs, warning this post involves chocolate & cuteness

Baking has become something my children love to do, as you will be well aware if you are a regular here or on my Instagram Feed. So today I have decided to share with you a little family video of my mini chefs, it’s a bit of fun, so enjoy!  I didn’t manage to get […] Read more

let the stresses from today melt away

  I wake up each day with little chance to reflect upon how I am feeling or just lay in bed and enjoy the warmth of the covers, it is time to get out of bed and start my day. I guess I could set an alarm for earlier, give myself time to laze in […] Read more

What is outside your window?

  The sky is shy this evening, she has shrouded herself in cloud. She shows us little peeks of who she is, blue glimpses of winter sky. The clouds are thick though, she is not in the mood to share her true self tonight. She is tired. The sunset is hidden, but now and then […] Read more

Me Before You. A movie to make you laugh, cry & buy cute shoes!

  Whether you are a fan of books or a fan of movies, you have most likely heard of “Me Before You!” If you haven’t then you are about to. “Me Before You” is a fab book which was first published in 2012, my book club group quickly snapped it up and absolutely loved it. […] Read more