“Life for me is about surrounding myself with nature, pretty things, and people and interior spaces that both inspire me and make me feel at peace. I want to inspire people everywhere to live for happiness and inner peace. To surround themselves with people who love, inspire and respect them, who nurture their soul. I want help people achieve balance, and to believe everyone deserves a beautiful life.”


Mackenzie Glanville is a freelance writer, blogger, photographer, reviewer, brand representative, university graduate, and the creator of reflectionsfromme.com. Married to @photoglanville they share a beautiful home that is full of love, laughter and the daily beautiful chaos of 3 vibrant children, 2 daughters and a son and 3 dogs, a fluff ball called Holly-Rose, a Cavalier called Stella, and a Pugalier called Hudson, 3 rescue cats Toby, Pumpkin and Avari (aka fluffy pants), and even a rescue bunny (mini lop) called Batman! And his girlfriend Chelsey.

 Mackenzie is passionate about helping others realise their full potential and discover the true meaning of inner peace.



Mackenzie has guest blogged for many Australian and International Websites including the UK, USA and Indonesia. Her work has featured in the series “A Life Change Artist”, for Published author of ‘Path to Wellness’, Janine Ripper. Mackenzie’s work has also been seen on a UK shopping websites. She is active on social Media and is extremely passionate about Photography.

Follow Mac on Twitter @MacGlanville and Instagram @macglanville and come by Facebook and like her page.

If you would like to have Mackenzie be your brand representative please email her macglanville@icloud.com or message her on Twitter or Instagram @macglanville.

If you would like Mac to write a featured piece for you regarding tourism or reviewing your products email her at mac@reflectionsfromme.com. Reflectionsfromme.com offers many opportunities for advertising, just take a look at the working with mg page. Mackenzie’s work stands out due to her beauty of the written word and her professional photography. Mackenzie looks forward to hearing from you.



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