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If you need some inspiration on how to decorate your child’s room? Then this may be just the post to get you inspired.



I often tell my daughter that the day she was born she came floating out on a cloud, so when I saw this super cute pillow case I knew I had to get it for her bed.

April is my second born, and she is so very different to my other two children. She floats around in her own magical universe. She loves the colour pink, and she adores unicorns. She is quirky, funny and very sweet. Out of all my children she has been the trickiest to get to know. With the other two I can read their minds, but April is very unique and getting to know her personality is like slowly unlocking a beautiful mystery.

I have often blogged or vlogged about how important it is to make our home reflect our own personalities. Check out my post about styling to the beat of your own drum. And I believe this is true for children’s bedrooms. It is their little sanctuary and a place where they should feel inspired to rest, dream and even create. So with that in mind I wanted to make April’s bedroom her own little oasis. When we moved home earlier this year it was the perfect opportunity to start from scratch and design her bedroom in a way that nurtured her and made her happy.

The important thing to remember when you decorate, or re-decorate your child’s room is to let them have input. This is their space! Think about how you would feel if someone just walked into your space and changed everything to their own taste and not yours. Of course I am not saying let them have full creative control, but letting them pick a few pieces and including their favourite colours and their favourite toys is really important. Don’t take them into five stores and show them heaps of different bed spreads, give them 2 or 3 to choose from that you approve of and then let them make the final choice. The same goes for furniture. Even as an adult we can be overwhelmed with choices, so if you are buying a new bed, drawers or chair maybe give them 2 to choose from that way they feel in control and you are happy too.

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Here are some pics of how her room turned out.

By keeping her bedspread white we are able to play around with colours in the room.



It is important to consider what your child loves. April loves to read so placing a small table next to her bed to place books upon was very important. A gorgeous unicorn nightlight adds a soft glow to her room at night which helps her feel safe.

I placed a lovely comfortable reading chair next to her book table too. This way she can enjoy reading time during the daytime too. We store extra books in a little basket under the table. On the chair I re-used her baby blanket, and for extra comfort she has a beautiful woollen rug for her feet.

Another passion of April’s is art. She loves to draw, colour and make things. We added a small desk to her room where she can sit and do her mindful colouring when she wants some quiet time. (April loves quiet time). So we didn’t bulk up her room we placed her desk near her reading chair so this way she just has to turn her chair around when she wants to draw or colour. Again I chose a small basket to keep her lovely little note pads and diaries in.


If you are a regular to my blog or instagram account then you know how much I adore quotes and inspirational pieces around my home. I love this one, I brought it as a print and then framed it myself.


Again these were brought as prints that I then framed myself. These totally reflect April’s personality. She loves unicorns, and will eat a whole watermelon if given the chance! I also brought some smaller prints and hung them with little magnetised pieces of wood and some string from toucan.


We still have the same set of white Boori drawers that we brought when I was pregnant with her, they are great for keeping her clothes neatly away. On top we place a few of her most special things.


One of my favourite purchases was her wooden bead hanging rack. I just adore this! On it she places her favourite bags, skirts and even jewellery. You can find the wooden bead hangers at winniedot .





I like to shop around for ideas that get me excited, I find lots of unique pieces through instgarm. Everything in your child’s room should make them feel happy and safe. If there are things that you like, but they really don’t, then you have to remove them.

This is their safe place and they need to feel joy when they are spending time in there.

Some people believe in keeping bedrooms solely for sleeping, others let their children play in their rooms. For me there is no right or wrong answer to this. If your home is large and they have a toy room then it is OK to have that as the space they play, but for others space is an issue and so allowing some of your child’s favourite toys in their bedroom is fine. I would suggest that you have a space that those toys can be stored away at night though to promote better sleep.

April’s room is very different to both her sister’s and her brother’s as it should be, this is her space and is a reflection of her style. I hope this helped inspire you, and give you some ideas on how to go about choosing things for your child’s bedroom, or even your own.

When it comes to styling always remember whether it is for you, or for your child, that the space should reflect the people living in that room!

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Thank you for joining me, love Mac xx



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A home should always be welcoming! It should feel like a warm hug, a safe haven, everyone should feel safe in their homes and feel like they have found a space that reflects their own unique qualities.”  #mg 


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