When you stop and look around you begin to notice how beautiful our world truly is. It is so easy to be so focused on getting all the things on our mental ‘to do list‘ completed, that we forget to notice the beauty that surrounds us.

Last week I stopped and noticed my 9 year old daughter standing at the window in her pyjamas watching the sunset. She stood there for a long time with the glow of the sun in her hair, she was so peaceful and content with just watching the sun go down behind the large gum trees. Nothing else mattered to her in that moment. I watched her in awe, she was just so lovely standing there.

How did I get so lucky to be her mum?

This time of year is so magical, and yet it is so easy to get lost in rushing around shopping for gifts and stressing about running out of time to do all those things we ‘need‘ to get done before the holidays.

Sometimes we miss the magic because we are moving too fast.

Watching my daughter I felt inspired to just slow down, to breathe, and to notice the beauty that surrounds me.

There is truly so much beauty that surrounds us, sometimes we need to stop and see life the way a child does, and remind ourselves that being in the moment is a precious gift. This Christmas I hope that you can take the time to slow down enough to notice the beauty in your world, to look at the magic of Christmas though a child’s eyes, and I also wish for you to see the beauty within yourself.

Be kind to yourself, be gentle on your soul, speak to yourself with patience and gentle love, and above all embrace all that is amazing about you. 

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

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