I am a feminist. What about you? I am a feminist and this is why.

In my opinion feminism was never about hating men, yet somehow over the years the word feminism has been twisted and manipulated to a point where calling yourself a feminist opens you up to criticism and even cruel judgement.

The feminist movement was always based on equality, for men and women, it was never about hating all men. Women that fought to have the right to vote, to get jobs, to not be raped, were only demanding and fighting for what should have already existed and many of them were like me, they had men in their lives that they love! The idea that to be a feminist you have to hate men is utterly ridiculous. I have a son and I have loved him from he moment I knew he was growing inside me, I have a father I admire and respect, I have a husband who I am passionately and deeply in love with. I have brothers, and male friends who I love. I in no way want to repress men!

To me being a feminist is about fighting for equality for  women and men, for all races, religions, fighting to live in a world where we all have the right to work if we wish, to get an education, to sit where we want on a bus, to not be raped because we have a vagina, to not be crucified because we believe in a different God, to not be denied an education because of our skin colour, to not be told we can’t cry because men shouldn’t display their emotions, to not be told we are weak because we have a mental illness, to not be told we hate men because we are a lesbian, to not be forced to have sex with any man, or woman just because we are dating, or married to them.

Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes


I will raise my two girls to be strong and gentle, to fight and be compassionate, to rise up and support other women, to respect men who deserve their respect, to treat animals with love, to treat humans with dignity, and to love themselves for everything they are, not for who the world tells them they ought to be! And I will raise my son the exact same way, I will raise him to know men are great and women are just as great, I will raise him to respect himself and to make good choices, I will teach him that no means no! I will teach him to see women, men, animals and anyone who looks differently to him as his equal.

I am a feminist, I support womens right to education, to being safe, to jobs and equality in every aspect of their lives, just as I support that for men too. I am not a man hater. We need to stop feeding into these stereotypes of feminist being man hating, hairy, ugly, women who no one wants to sleep with. We need to refuse to listen to the haters who post comments on twitter saying all feminists just need a good hard C*** up them, or a decent F*** to shut them up, but they are too ugly and that’s why no one will F*** them! Yes I know it is shocking, but feminist are attacked everyday by trolls who write this vulgar stuff. This behaviour is not OK.

It is not OK that feminism has become a dirty word. I am a feminist who loves my amazing husband, I have a fabulous little son and I will say this again I am not a man hater. I just want equality. I want to be treated with respect, and I want children of all races, colours and genders to grow up and see the beauty in this world, not the ugliness of inequality.

Can’t we just support one another? Can’t we stop verbally attacking and work together? Can’t we fight for equality without attacking each-other? Maybe I am a dreamer, but I know I am not alone.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx