Change isn’t always easy, in fact it can be one of the things many people find themselves most uncomfortable with in life. It can be easier to keep going with the status quo, or even stay in unhealthy relationships or situations  because the thought of such a huge change in your life like being single again can terrify us. Then there are times we feel we are ready for some big changes. Once you have reached a place where you feel ready to make changes in your life, it is time to really think about what changes, or goals are most important to you! 

It is easy to think of a million things you want, a great job, a new lover, a bigger house, a healthier life, a wedding ring, a holiday, a baby, but when you really dig deep, when you allow you mind and body to be silent and listen to your inner voice, you will truly hear what it is that you want. There is one thing above all else that you crave. So just how do you figure out what that one thing is?


Be still.

Allow yourself to just breathe.

Don’t rush it. Most likely it is something that has been building up inside you most of your life, but maybe you haven’t listened. Take the time now to listen. Listen to yourself. Think of your mind as a blank note book, and imagine filling its pages with whatever you wish.

Find a quiet space. If you can I suggest you go for a walk somewhere peaceful, or find a quiet space somewhere at home when no one is home to disturb you. Turn off your phone, maybe light some candles or take a bath. Just relax with your thoughts. If it doesn’t come to you straight away you may just not be ready to hear it. That’s OK, there is no rush. Imagery helps, if you can’t go somewhere beautiful, you can imagine you are somewhere peaceful in your mind.

Find time each day to focus on your breath. It may be whilst you ride the train to work, maybe it is during your shower, walking your dog, or whilst you lay quietly in your bed at night. Don’t try and force it to come to you, just open your mind to it.

If what you truly want still isn’t coming to you may need to work on believing you deserve positive change in your life, before you can open yourself up to the change you wish for.

Sometimes what we thought we wanted was not what we end up wanting. Don’t hang on to a dream that you no longer need, don’t waste energies on the things that don’t fulfil you. Sometimes we make things far more complicated than they need to be.

Ask yourself what is most important to you. And focus on all areas of your life, don’t be bogged down with thinking it needs to be a huge goal. We often think we have to jump in and make big changes all at once, we don’t. Just ease yourself into change.

Think about what makes your heart happy, think about what makes you feel like smiling. Think about your soul and ask yourself what fills it will joy? What do you want emotionally? What do you want spiritually? What makes your heart sing?

You deserve happiness, you deserve fulfilment. Believe in your dreams and believe you can turn them into your reality. Go ahead and catch your dream!