So what is Reflections From Me anyway? 

To be honest it wasn’t the first blog name that came to mind, I remember scribbling down many names on paper trying to figure out what to call my blog. Much like trying to choose a name for a baby, it is actually quite hard to make a final decision. But when I thought about what my blog was, the fact is it is Reflections of my life, and my thoughts, it seemed obvious to call it reflections from me!

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will know that when I started this blog I had never read a blog. I knew nothing about blogging or social media, and let’s just say . .

I was naive to how much work, and commitment is involved in having a blog!

In fact motherhood was a bit the same way for me, although “I thought” I was prepared for motherhood (silly me), it was a real shock, and I mean a HUGE shock to how hard it was being a new mum. It was the best thing ever!!! And the scariest, and most exhausting thing ever!

Blogging is a much bigger commitment than I could have imagined. As other bloggers know, if you want your blog to get noticed amongst ALL the blogs out there, you really have to put yourself out there! And for an introvert that is a big ask!!!! Promoting myself is not easy, it means putting myself right out of my comfort zone. And when it comes to Youtube it is even more out of my comfort zone.

But over 2 years ago now, I threw myself in at the deep end and created a little website called 

Here is a small 1 minute clip about Reflections From Me.

So what else will you find on my website?

On my blog I cover many topics.

  • inspiring posts
  • interior design posts
  • posts to help you live happier
  • posts to help you live the life you dream of
  • family posts
  • empowering posts
  • posts on the things happening in my own life
  • how to live fearlessly authentic
  • posts on parenthood
  • posts on living more mindfully

You will also see plenty of photos, as I am slightly obsessed with taking photos. I share loads of pics of my family,  my endless coffee drinking, and my lifestyle photographs on Instagram too, @macglanville 

Ultimately reflectionsfromme is about me sharing my life and thoughts with you in the hope that I can inspire you to live a happier, more authentic life. I want to empower you to live your own truth, to find out what makes you happy, and to also show you that it is OK to embrace mistakes!


I am a mum, and my life is busy, messy and chaotic, but it is also beautiful. I didn’t grow up with confidence, or even believing the glass was half full, I had to fight to believe in myself, and to feel worthy of love, and happiness. I believe that is why I am so passionate about helping others, inspiring people to live with happiness, and helping them learn to love and respect themselves. 

I hope that you can join me on my journey, and make 2017 a fab year!

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

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