When it comes to living in the moment children do this the best! It seems our lives just get busier, and busier, we are always looking to the future and striving for things. We are saving for holidays, cars, or just trying to figure out how we will pay the bills we know are coming in. Or we are living with the regret of past mistakes, or missed opportunities. It is why mindfulness has become such a popular practice, we are desperately in need of “being present in this very moment”! I recently wrote about ‘letting go of worry’ because we are spending so much time worrying that we are forgetting to experience what is happening right now. This is where we can take a leaf out of a child’s book, where we can think like a child and experience each moment without worrying about where we will be next week, or a year from now. We need to play on the beach and notice the way the sand feels, or how the air smells salty. We need to eat that cake and enjoy every mouthful without caring how we will look in the summertime. We need to stop and smell the roses and enjoy them instead of rushing by.

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“This is our precious life and we need to live in this moment, feel it, experience it, and be conscious of it.”

One thing I love about photography is how we can capture the precious moments in our lives. I love how a photograph can speak to us, tell us a story, or capture an emotion. That is what Mummy Shot is really about, capturing those precious moments of our children living in the moment. I have just been thrilled with the response to this gorgeous Instagram community. Thanks to everyone who joins in either with photos, or comments on my blog, or on Instagram.

Each Saturday I will feature my favourite photographs that have been shared with Catie and myself. You can check out Catie’s blog too and see her favourite photos from this week.

Here are the precious moments shared with us this week that I have chosen as my favourite.

Let me introduce you to the photographers of these very cute pics!

TopLeft is by @meganbidmead there is nothing cuter than tiny newborns, and how adorable are these little legs!

TopRight is by @laurajwolf71 a gorgeous photo of her little guy watching window washers, and just enjoying the moment!

BottomLeft is by @jakijellz I adore this photo. This little boy has been watching all the builders and diggers out the window, it is so sweet.

BottomRight is by @four_acorns  this image is just so beautiful and really captures living in the moment!

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My favourite from Catie’s and my own mummy shots are ….

Thank you so much for all of you who have shared your images with us!

Hope you can join us again this week, and we would love to see some new people join in too.

If you would like more information about what #MummyShot is you can read “Introducing Mummy Shot”

It is really all about capturing emotion, or a story without seeing your child’s full face in the photograph.

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx

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