There are moments where we need to be still and reflect. Reflecting on who we are, on our life, and on our work is how we find ways to move forward and better ourselves. Reflection allows us to learn, to grow, and to move forward with new purpose. 

As the end of another year is upon us, we usually find ourselves reflecting on all we have done, and all we wished we had achieved. We think about what we lost, and also about what we gained. 

I have written many posts in 2016, and I thought, given the name of my blog, that it would be fitting for me to reflect on a few posts that received some of the highest views by my readers this year. I hope you enjoy reflecting on these with me. Feel free to click on the highlighted links to read the full posts too. 

My most popular post for 2016 was Learning How To Fly 

“It wasn’t a place I wanted to be, my burden was so heavy that I honestly felt it was a struggle to get out of bed each day. I was lost, completely overwhelmed and uncertain. I wasn’t sure how to face the future, and I wasn’t excited for it.

Everything around me felt so fragile, things where changing quicker than I was ready for.

I was resisting change.

I felt robbed of time, things were out of my control and I was fighting a loosing battle. Whether I liked it or not things were changing and would continue to change. Time and circumstance can not be stopped, so I had no choice but to accept what was happening.”

Another one of my posts that received an overwhelming amount of view was Give Yourself Permission to make Mistakes

“We often put way too much pressure on ourselves to seek some unrealistic ideal of perfection. We think that we would be happier if we had never made a mistake, but we are wrong to think that. Mistakes are what drives us to work harder, to find a better answer, to seek new ways of doing things or a new path to follow.”

One of the posts I am most proud of in 2016 is Teaching Our Children About Equality.

“People questioned how I was raising her, and they made me doubt myself and my parenting. Was I not pushing her hard enough, was I offering too many hugs when she cried, was I not a good enough role model? But the truth is I was there in the background telling her she could do anything, that she was so clever and brave, that she was strong, funny and talented. I was there telling her that she was loved, and that she could go out into the world and know that there was always a soft place to come home to. She needed to bloom in her own time and she is.”

If you want to learn bit more about my life as a blogger, you can with my post Life as a Blogger

 “for me this was a massive, and slightly crazy step, yet somehow I knew this was something I really wanted, or even ‘needed’ to do for myself. I knew I had to write, I really ‘had’ to, and by creating a blog I was creating a space where I could write and where I could be myself.”

In 2016 I have gained many new subscribers on my blog, watched my Twitter and Instagram followers increase and also enjoyed sharing Vlogs with you on my Youtube channel. I am thrilled with how my #mg link up is going and look forward to it’s re-launch in Feb!

Reflecting back I am proud of what I have achieved through my blog this year, including some wonderful collaborations that enabled my family to take wonderful holidays. I am always humbled, and so grateful for the readers that support my blog, and that comment on, and share my work.

I am so thankful.

I am excited to keep on sharing new posts with you in 2017 full of inspiration that will keep you living happy, and motivate you to embrace the life you were always meant to live!

Thank you, as always, for joining me, love Mac xx

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